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Baseball is considered a development from an older game called rounders that was made popular in Great Britain and Ireland. It became an extremely popular sport during and just after the American Civil War. It was called "America's Pastime" because during the late 19th and early 20th century it was probably the most widely played sport in the country. Baseball was to that time period as Video Games and television are to today. Before TV Baseball was what kids did after school and on the weekends and during the summer...etc. It was literally how America passed the time.

Before the time of television, the internet, DVD's and the rise of American football, Basketball, hockey, NASCAR, extreme sports, and the general splintering of American culture, baseball was probably one of the few things that almost every American knew something about and could discuss/share with their neighbors, coworkers, family members that they might sit down next to on a bus etc... Hence, it was the nation's pastime.

I don't think, in this day and age, we have a "national pastime" anymore. Culture is simply too splintered. American football may the most popular sport, but being the most popular sport does not make something the "national pastime." They became no life.

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What current scandal is testing the popularity of baseball as Americas pastime?

The current scandal testing the popularity of baseball as Americas pastime is the use of performance enhancing steroids.

What does baseball mean to the US?

it isn't called "Americas Pastime" for no reason, lol, best sport on earth in my opinon

Is American football the favorite pastime in the United States?

No , Nascar is bigger no baseball is considers Americas favorite pastime!!

Why is baseball considered Americas pastime?

Baseball is referred to as America's pastime because this is the country of its origin. Beginning in the mid nineteenth century, a baseball craze grew through America.

How do sports affect culture?

Different parts of the world, and or countries, take sports on different levels of severity. Example, Baseball is Americas pastime, as Hockey is Canada's pastime.

What is Panama's favorite sport or pastime?

Baseball is the favorite sport and pastime of Panama.

What are Japan's sports?

Baseball is Japan's pastime.

What sport is older in US soccer or baseball?

baseball.. its our national pastime!

What is the national sports game of US?

The National pastime is Baseball.

What are the release dates for America's Pastime Vintage Baseball Live - 2004 TV?

America's Pastime Vintage Baseball Live - 2004 TV was released on: USA: 3 July 2004

What sport has the most fans in America?

Baseball, it's the national pastime.

What is baseballs nickname?

It has often been called 'America's Pastime'.

What is New York's most famous sport team?

It definatly has to be the New York Yankees because it has won the most championships in the history of professional sports and baseball is Americas pastime so this team has been celebrated in past and present.

What is an easy sentence for pastime?

His favorite pastime was playing guitar. In his pastime, John likes to fish. My favorite pastime is playing with cars. My pastime is eating food. Easiest!

What is the most popular sport in North America?

Baseball- America's National Pastime

How popular is Major League Baseball?

very popular... it's america's pastime! :)

What is true about urban culture in the late 1800s?

baseball became the national pastime

What type of sport is baseball known as?

In the United States, baseball is known as a national pastime and is the national sport of the country.

What sport is considered to be the national pastime of America?

Use to be Baseball. But that has kind of shifted to football.

Is baseball one of the least popular sports?

No. There are 30 pro teams, and baseball is known as "America's Pastime". it is very popular.

What is a good sentence for pastime?

Gardening is a wonderful pastime.

How do you use pastime in a sentence?

My favorite pastime is to play.

What did the plains cree do for a pastime?

what are pastime for the plains cree

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