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Why is basketball more popular than football?

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Basketball is no were near as popular as football what are you talking about?!!!

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Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

Football is more popular than soccer and basketball, because you can do anything: catch, hit, kick, push, run, throw, and more.(Football isn't more popular than soccer. Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world :D)

No. Basketball is now bigger than Soccer, Football is more popular and Baseball is more exciting

No. Football is more physical than basketball. The average force of impact of tackles in football is much stronger than than contact in basketball.

definitely Football is more athletic than basketball

Considering that there are more players on a football team than a basketball team.. yes its possible that there are more injuries occurring in American football than basketball

football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf

yes football players get more hurt than basketball players

Football is more popular.

No, basketball is much more popular than NASCAR, which is not even a sport

football is more popular than football!

i think that possibly football is more popular than fishing

i think that football makes more than basketball because the play much harder and get hurt more than basketball players

That depends on whether you mean to play or to watch. To play, basketball is much more popular due to its less aggressive nature. One can also pick up a ball and play anytime as little equipment is required. Football is probably more popular to watch.

No, generally the Duke basketball team is much more successful than their football team.

I think it does because of the fact that basketball is more popular than baseball.

According to the CountrySide Alliance Poll Fishing is more popular than football.

According to the CountrySide Alliance Poll Fishing is more popular than football.

fantasy basketball is more popular because it is alot easier to follow than fantasy baseball

In my opinion yes because I know more people that play basketball than baseball.

i think basketball make more money because they play harder than football players just play around it is not a joke

In the US, basketball is more popular than soccer. The four major sports in the US are American football (NFL), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA) and ice hockey (NHL).

Yes thousands more like Football than fishing in the UK.

Yes football is popular and many people watch it however boys football is more popular than girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To say that one sport is better than another depends on who you ask. For instance some may say that football is more exiting than basketball while others may say it is more dangerous.

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