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The hemoglobin molecule (which is the carrier of oxygen in the blood) has an iron-atom in the center which bind the oxygen. The red colour comes from the iron.

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What does rust colored sputum have to do with meningitis?

what does rust colored sputum have to do with menigitis

Which planet is next to Earth but is rust colored?

Mars is next to Earth and rust colored.

What is the rust colored planet called?

Mars is a red, rust color.

How do you get rid of a rust colored algae in a swimming pool?

How can I get rid of rust colored stains in my salt water pool. It is only in the shallow end?

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Rust colored.

What is the rust-colored planet?


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Use your finger. If rust colored dust comes off on your finger then its rust

Why doesn't blood rust inside your body?

Because blood doesn't rust.

What is the result of the rust-colored tint of some desert landscapes?

The result of the rust colored tint of desert landscapes are to show chemical weathering. This is shown on a map.

Do darker colored sodas clean off rust better than lighter colored sodas?

No. No.

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Is old white wine bad when it is rust colored?


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if the rust is rainbow colored

Well water is rust colored?

Take a sample for analysis.

Does blood rust?

no liquids/water don't rust they cause rust on metal objects

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Mars' soil is red because it is very rich in iron oxide.

Can rust have the same properties as iron?

No, rust is corroded iron. Rust is a crumbly red colored material, iron is a hard metal with a silvery grey color.

What planet has soil that is full of rust-colored dust?


Does rust have a smell?

Rust? it indeed has a smell! it smells like blood.

What does it mean when your period is bright red?

That is what a normal period looks like. It's the fresh blood after the uterus wall is removed. The blood can also be rust colored when it starts to dry up and almost black in the beginning when it's old.

What kind of bumble bee has a rust or red colored butt?

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Where did the Golden Gate Bridge get its name?

From the orange colored paint that protects it from rust

What tiny bird has a blue back and rust colored breast?

The eastern bluebird.

Why does blood taste like rust?

It is probably because Blood has Iron and Iron rusts. BTW how do you know what blood tastes like? How do you know how rust tastes?

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