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Why is blue a good color?

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Because it is the color of the sky, that is why it is my favorite color too. Because it reflects lots of emotions Blue is also believed to have a calming effect.

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Is blue a good color?


What color is good for baptism?


What is a good team name for the color blue?

Blue wombats

What is a good color to match with blue?

what is a good colour to match with blue ?green or yellow.

What are good color blind questions?

some good ?'s are what color is your shirt but first find out if blue is purple and if purple is blue!!! ;0

What is the best hair color for blue eyes?

I think Brunette hair is a good color for blue eyes

Which color of pee is good?

Yellow= Good. Blue = Bad.

What color do i mix with orange to look good?

Boise State Blue is a good coordinating color.

What color looks good with blue?


Which of the blue color shirt goes good with a white suit as there are many types of blue color?

A white shirt.

What is the homograph for blue?

Her favorite color is blue.When I'm feeling blue, I call a good friend.

What is a good comforter color choice for a boy?

Blue is generally a good color choice for a comforter for a boy.

Color that looks good on Bella?

edward's favorite color on Bella is blue.

What color goes good with brown?

Pink and Blue.

What is a good color for a flag?

Blue black and red

What is a good color that reminds you of someone disrespectfull?


What would be a good color for a black girl?


What is a good softball name your color is navy blue and you are girls?

I think a good name would be the Blue Diamonds. (:

What is blue?

blue is a color like the color of blue diamonds Blue is a color

What is a good name for a team with light blue color?

The Reps

What is a good nail polish color for the holidays?

Light Blue

Which color of you-Phone5 is good?

pink with blue spots.

What color top would look good with a blue diamond necklace?

I think that black would always look good but if you are more outgoing I think that something with a similar blue color would look good.

Good color war names for blue vs white?

white lightning, blue thunder

What color blue should i paint my bedroom?

A pale pastel blue is a good colour for a bedroom.