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it helps the blood and other fluids in your system to circulate, especially from your legs upto your heart

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Why is the capillary action of water important to living systems?

Because all plants cover their water needs by this property of capillary action.

Why is adhesion important to living organisms?

capillary action

Why is capillary action important to life?

Water uses capillary action to "climb" up plant vessels through cohesion and adhesion, which allows the water to be transported throughout the plant.

Is capillary action a product of adhesion?

The adhesive force of wetting liquids specially water is responsible for capillary action, the capillary action is not possible for Mercury.

What is the disadvantage of capillary action?

Capillary action is bad if you want to keep two liquids separate. Capillary action is difficult to control in terms of flow rate.

Why is capillary action important in soil?

It allows water to rise into the plant root zone

What has greatest capillary action?

The narrower the bore of the tube ,the greater is the capillary action. For example :A sponge retains water (on being dipped in water)is due to capillary action.

What is capillary action due to?

The adhesive intermolecular forces between the substance rising (the one experiencing capillary action) and the container (typically a capillary).

What is cappilary action?

capillary action i a liquid

What would be A good sentence for capillary action?

A paper towel absorbing liquid is an example of capillary action.

What is the hypothesis of capillary action with a carnation?

Capillary action will pull water up the stem to the flower and into the petals.

A force that pulls water up slowing its downward movement is?

Capillary actioncapillary action. - apex

What sentence could you use for the word capillary action?

Water is transferred from the roots to the leaves through the stem by capillary action.

Capillary action occurs when water rises from the water table into?

The capillary fringe

Capillary action is a product of?


What is the capillary action in plants?

Capillary action in plants is when the tubules of plants uses the forces of adhesion to get nutrients and water to the extremities of plants.

How does capillary action effect plants?

Capillary action is one of the forces that draws water out of the roots of a plant and up into its stems and leaves.

How would you use capillary in a sentence?

The liquid was pulled into the small tube by capillary action.

How does capillary action help sustain life on earth?

Capillary action is important for moving water (and all of the things that are dissolved in it) around. It is defined as the movement of water within the spaces of a porous material due to the forces of adhesion, cohesion, and surface tension.Plants and trees couldn't thrive without capillary action. The roots are capable of carrying water from the soil up into the plant.

What is a sentence using the words capillary action?

Capillary action can refer to the movement of water and fluids vertically and throughout the structure of a plant. An example is: "Water movement can be transported upwards in a plant against the force of gravity because of capillary action."

Why is capillary action insufficient to move water through a plant?

Capillary action is not sufficient to lift water against gravity after certain height .

What are the applications of capillary action or capillarity?

Capillary action is also essential for the drainage of constantly produced tear fluid from the eye. Paper towels absorb liquid through capillary action. Chemists utilize capillary action in thin layer chromatography, in which a solvent moves vertically up a plate via capillary action. Dissolved solutes travel with the solvent at various speeds depending on their polarity. With some pairs of materials, such as mercury and glass, the interatomic forces within the liquid exceed those between the solid and the liquid, so a convex meniscus forms and capillary action works in reverse.

What is the product of a capillary action?

adhesion. adhesion.

What is capillary action in cut flowers?


What property of water gives rise to capillary action?

Cohesion force among the molecules of water allows for capillary action in plants.