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This means that they are dieing. Go to a hospital

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You are coughing up mucus with yellow and little black dots?

yes..what is it

What does it mean when you keep coughing up mucus?

Coughing up mucus is normal when having a cold. Coughing up mucus is a sign that the cold is clearing up.

Coughing up black mucus?

smoking. if you do smoke otherwise i have no idea. see your doctor or STOP SMOKING!

Coughing up mucus?

If you are coughing up mucus, you may have an infection. This infection may be in your lungs or throat.

Herbal remedy for allergies in a child?

Put a really warm wash cloth on his or her nose to reduce swelling from blowing and loosen up the mucus.

How do mucus and cilia fight infection?

Mucus acts like a flytrap and then the cilia on the mucus bring the bacteria up towards the mouth.

Why do you always feel like you have to cough up mucus but you never can get any up?

A genetic disorder called 'Cystic Fibrosis', maybe responsible for the over production of mucus. Otherwise, production of mucus is your bodies reaction to dust or other elements that could damage the lungs. The part of the airway that allows the mucus to move up, is called the cilia (tiny hairs that brush the mucus up away from the lungs) which may be damaged not allowing the mucus to travel up and out the airway. The cause of not being able to get rid of mucus or it being too thick could also be because of your water intake. The higher the intake, the thinner the mucus and also the more regularly the mucus is cleaned.

Do your cervical mucus dry up at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

Cervical mucus should not dry up during pregnancy.

The cilia of the nasal mucosa do?

Cilia helps to "wave up" the mucus away from the deeper parts of the respiratory system. Debris/pathogens can stick to the mucus and then cilia can move up the mucus.

Why is older lab coughing up mucus?

because some labs have a retaining mucus cell that may produce mucus in there older years

What is throw up?


How do i get rid of my baby's mucus?

the more milk you give your baby the more mucus comes up.

What is your mucus made of?

Mucus is made up of water, salts, glycoprotein (mucin) and other small cells.

Why do you wheeze after a cold?

mucus build up

Why does chew make you throw up?


Where does the mucus you cough up develop?

In your uterus.

What is the correct terms for coughing up?


What is the medical term meaning vomiting?

Emesis is the medical term meaning vomiting.EmesisEmesis is also known as vomiting.terms for vomiting are regurgitation, throwing up, inability to keep food downEmesisThrowing up.Nauseaemesis

Why Does Smokers Have A Smoker Cough?

In your lungs we have Cilia and production of mucus. The cilia beat out mucus and we either cough it out or swollow it, gross yeah but normal. Smoke cause the cilia not to move and the build up of mucus starts, therefore, in the morning since a person doesn't smoke in their sleep coughs up the mucus that builded up in their lungs.

What does it mean when you cough up red mucus?

If you cough up red mucus then it could be indicative of a serious medical problem. You should consult a doctor.

What do we cough up?

sputum is not what you cough up people cough up mucus

Can swallowing too much mucus cause stomachache?

Yes! In fact, swallowing mucus can even cause you to throw up. If you have mucus in your system, try to cough or spit it out.

Why does you nose get stuffed up when you cry?

Mucus absorbs water. When a person cries, not all of the tears come out of the eyes. Some tears drain into the mucus membranes. This allows the mucus to absorb the tears which makes a snot load of mucus!

Is vomiting an alergie?

Getting sick and vomiting or throwing up can be a sign of an allergic reaction to a food that was eaten.

What does dark yellow mucus means?

dark yellow mucus means that you are sick and that you should go to the dictor for a check up