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Cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals including well characterized toxicants and carcinogens (EPA, 1992). These chemicals stimulated affect on developing tissue and organisms (Melkonian, 2003). Many studies showed that smoking is an important risk factor for cancer, especially lung cancer and other diseases (Tominaga, 1988). Cigarette smoking has caused of about 85% of the deaths due to lung cancer, and more than 40% of smokers have been dead in terms of smoking related-diseases (AIM, 1986). In the U.S there has been a steeper rise of the people who got the lung cancer from smoking. Since 1950 percentage of all cigarettes filter cigarettes sold increased from 0.56 to 92% in 1980 and to 97% in 1990 (Blizzard, 2002). For lung cancer it was observed that non-filter smoker had more risk than filter smoker. The incidence of lung cancer of non-filter smoker was more than 50% higher than that of filter cigarette smokers (Rimington, 1981). So some reduction in lung cancer rates might be expected, because risk of lung cancer was reduced for smokers who switched to filter cigarettes. But recently many studies have not produced consistent results, and many people with the highest-age adjusted rates of cancer smoke filtered cigarettes (Blizzard, 2002).

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Yes.Cigarette smoke, in fact any sort of smoke, is bad for people, dogs, cats or anything else.

Obviously. Is it healthy to smoke a un filtered cigarette? UHH NO!

Smoking is bad for you. it increases the risk of several nasty kinds of cancers.

You are SUPPOSED to inhale cigarette smoke. That's the point of smoking. And it's very bad. yeah so DON'T SMOKE!!!!!

Yes, and that nasty taste will stay with you for hours.

carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, marajuahna.... there are a lot of things that are bad for the breathing system.

The Green Smoke cigarette is better than real cigarette, it has no tar in it but does have nicotine.

Cigaretts are bad for you, do not start smoking them.

Yes. If you are allergic to cigarette smoke you should not smoke. So please don't do it.

You can inhale the cigarette smoke, but not the cigarette. To smoke is to inhale the smoke when it's in your lips. You also can inhale the smoke when the cigarette smoke is near to your nose, or through your open mouth. But never try to do it. Smoking is very harmful.

The state in which cigarette smoke exists is indeed a gas.

Cigarette Smoke Phantom was created in 2002.

smoke comes through the filter on the cigarette and into your lungs

Short answer: yes. Long answer, inhaling cigarette smoke is bad, inhaling diluted cigarette smoke is less bad -- but given ten years, not good.

If i test to see how cigarette smoke affects household plants, then it will be that cigarette smoke has shown to have an plants though it with oxygen.

Cigarette smoke is air pollution because it can harm people who breathe in the smoke

Cigarettes can cause more than lung infections. They can cause cancer, and even death. Cigarette smoke is just as bad as smoke from a fire, and with cigarettes, you are inhaling that smoke. The smoke from the cigarette can also cause cells to die, which is not good at all.

Cigarette smoke "stays with you"; if you smoke or hang around someone who does, the smell of the smoke will stay on your clothes & in your hair.

Yes!!!! No offense but do you live under a rock? When you smoke, your baby smokes. Don't do that to a helpless human being.

It is bad to smoke cigarettes while pregnant because the nicotine can get into your blood stream, thus harming the child. It is a very bad idea to smoke and inhale cigarettes because the cigarette, which contains over 4000 chemicals including well characterized toxicants and carcinogens. Cigarette smoking has caused of about 85% of the deaths due to lung cancer, and more than 40% of smokers have been dead in terms of smoking related-diseases. In conclusion, it is a bad decison to chose to expose cigarette smoke to yourself, and your unborn child.

Cigarette smoke can't be detected, but evidence of cigarette smoking can be detected, such as the presence of carbon monoxide.

you should be at least 18, but why would smoke in the beginning? It's bad for your lungs and you could die at young age.

Some studies have found over 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke.

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