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Why is cleaning up soil so difficult?


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March 25, 2014 11:21PM

Because it is so thick and you can sink in it and if there is a lot it is VERY HEAVY...

If you mean in terms of toxic waste, it is very hard. For instance, if the soil has oil soaked into it. How are you going to get that oil out of there, wash it out with toxic solvents? Of course, if the soil isn't near any place where it can cause contamination, such as near a well or stream, then the simplest solution may be to cover it with topsoil. Then bacteria and non-edible plants might be able to digest the toxins with time. Now, if the soil is near water or contains nuclear waste, then more aggressive cleanup is necessary.

If sewage is leaching into soil, there are at a couple of possible solutions. One would be to build a proper sewer so the sewage can stay there. Of course, if you can keep the sewage from getting there as much, such as installing a septic tank further up, that would help. Another solution would be to fill the area with gravel and topsoil. The gravel would form a barrier from the sewage unless it gets really high, and the topsoil would allow grass to grow and be safe for animals and humans to walk on, with no visible standing sewage nor odor.