Why is coal considered a fossil fuel?

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because it takes millions of years to form, it forms from the remains of living things
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Why are fossil fuels considered nonrenewable?

Because fossil fuels take hundreds of millions of years to form under the Earth's surface. It will take another million years for more to be produced, so we only have a limited supply. Eventually, more fossils will be made, but by then we will have run out by how much we use them now. If we stop ( Full Answer )

Why is coal a fossil fuel?

it is made from once living things when the pangea on the earth moved away

Why is coal called fossil fuel?

Coal, like oil, is made/produced through thousand of years of fossils being compressed and heated in the earth to turn into coal and oil.

How is the sun's energy stored in coal and other fossil fuels?

The energy stored in coal (and indeed all fossil fuels) is ancient sunlight. This is how it works:- As you know plants need CO2 form the air and sunlight and water to undergo the biochemical process called 'photosynthesis'. Photosynthesis converts the CO2, and Water into sugars which are then ( Full Answer )

Why are fossil fuels considered non-renewable?

The earth has a limited supply of oil, gas and coal at least inpractical terms. It takes millions of years for the earth totransform dead organic material into these fossil fuels. The supplyof fossil fuels we are using today come from organic materialsburied generally at least 20 million years ago, ( Full Answer )

Explain why coal oil and natural gas are fossil fuels?

They have been formed over millions of years as dead animals and plants have been crushed and compressed by the weight of the ever-increasing material on top of them. Their age, along with the fact that they are unrenewable sources i.e. they will never be re-made, leads to the fact that they are fos ( Full Answer )

Are fossil fuels considered non-renewable?

Yes coal, oil and natural gas are non-renewable fossil fuels because it takes a long time to make them, millions of years. Yes, fossil fuels are nonrenewable because it takes million of years of fossil fuel to form.

How does fossil fuels and coal make electricity?

First of all, you spelled dose wrong. "Does" is the correct spelling. And fossil fuels and coals make electricity because those are what power the electricity to function properly.

What are the main elements in fossil fuels like coal?

The following percentages are approximate and do vary significantlyfrom sample to sample (even when from the same vein): . 80% carbon . 5% hydrogen . 5% oxygen . 1.5% nitrogen . 0.75% (low) to 1.5% (high) sulfur Any element on the periodic table can and does occur in minor(parts per thousand) ( Full Answer )

Why are fossil fuels considered a renewable resource?

No, they are not considered a renewable resource. Fossil fuels are non-renewable because they were make millions of years ago, and when we use them up, as we may do soon, especially oil, there is no more left. Renewable means it comes back, like the power of the sun.

How does the fossil fuel coal contain energy from the sun?

Plants use the energy from the sun to make food. They depend on sunlight to power chemical reactions vital for life. In a number of instances, plants that lived long ago died, and their remains built up in a layer or layers. As more and more overburden was deposited on top of the layer, compression ( Full Answer )

Is bituminous coal is fossil fuel?

Yes, Bituminous coal is fossil fuel, formed from the debris of plant matters buried under the earth millions of years ago and underwent several physio-chemical changes to acquire the state.

Does fossil fuels have coal in it?

fossil fuels does have coal in it because when the smoke comes up, coal in already in it!!! I am not 100% sure this is right.............

What does the fossil fuel coal power?

Coal powers some electricity plants in China.Some of China's coal comes to us in the u.s. However when we use coal it powers fossil fuel plants and nuclear plants around the u.s. and even the world.

Why coal is a fossil fuel?

Coal is a hydrocarbon rock formed from geologically trapped deposits of plant matter which were formed over millions of years. The oldest coal deposits are as much as 350 million years old; the youngest are about 15 million years old. Deposits that are younger than that do not have all the physical ( Full Answer )

Why are fossils fuels considered a nonrenewable resource?

Fossil fuels are considered a non-renewable resource because they take millions of years to form under earths pressure. So once there gone you have to wait a long time before you can have them again.

Why are coal known as fossil fuel?

Coal is formed over millions of years by pressure and heat on decomposed vegetation accumulated in shallow swamps, the result is a sedimentary carbonaceous rock known as coal...

Are fossil fuels like coal and oil considered biomass?

Biomass fuels are meant to mimic or replace the functions of fossil fuels. The Department of Energy defines biomass as "any plant derived organic matter available on a renewable basis." These organic matter consist of products such as wood, crops, alcohol fuels, landfill gas, agricultural waste and ( Full Answer )

Why are fossils fuels considered to be organic?

Because they contain carbon, a chemical element present in all lifeforms on earth. They are formed from ancient plants and animals, I'm sure wikipedia can give you some more information.

Is fossil fuel considered green?

Not usually (usually the exact opposite, in fact). It would be possible to call some kind of fuel hybrid that for some reason burned in a particularly clean way or produced more energy for the same carbon emission level "green", but even then it would only be green compared to standard fossil fuel ( Full Answer )

Is fossils fuel to be considered scientific endeavor?

I believe you are asking is what scientific endeavors or challenging tasks exist related to fossil fuels. One challenging task is to find new sources of fossil fuels and to find best means to produce the discovered fuels. To do this requires people skilled in the following disciplines: Geophysics ( Full Answer )

Why are fossil fuels not considered to be minerals?

Most likely because fossil fuels are not minerals. They are ultimately composed of organic matter which came from living things that died and became buried under sediment. Through a lot of time and a great amount of pressure the fossil fuels were developed. This is also why fossil fuels are consider ( Full Answer )

What is the alternative of the fossil fuel of coal?

Fossil fuels-including coal, natural gas, and oil-are formed from the fossilized remains of prehistoric plants and animals, and fossil fuels provide about 95% of the world's total energy. Alternative fuels are better for the environment and often better for the economy than fossil fuels. Learn about ( Full Answer )

How is the fossil fuel coal made?

When dead animals die, after many years they start becoming part of the earth like soil when natural causes cause pile on top of them. After many years they turn to coal. It is actually a renewable source since everything dies but since it takes so long to make its considered non-renewable. Sorry if ( Full Answer )

Why is wood not considered a fossil fuels?

Fossilized wood, also known as petrified wood is more akin to stone than that of coal or the original wood, filled with mostly silicates such as quartz. As such it is no longer technically would and hence it will not burn. A fossil fuel takes centuries of decomposition and compression and is mostl ( Full Answer )

Why might the burning of fossil fuels be considered a costly price?

When we factor in the cost of the carbon pollution, and what itwill cost the earth in the future, we can see that the burning offossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) is extremely expensive.Just the cleanup from one tropical cyclone costs into the billionsof dollars. Insurance companies are very w ( Full Answer )

Is coal the worlds fastest growinng fossil fuel?

Hardly. Use of coal as fuel has been declining since the increase in the use of oil in the late 19th century. The overall consumption of coal has increased over that time, quite a different matter, as the overall consumption of all fuels has increased. But the total consumption of fuels has a smalle ( Full Answer )

What makes coal a fossil fuel?

It is decomposed. Coal is also taken out from the depths of the Earth where it is smashed by rocks, lumps of trees and dead and burned animals.

Why is fossil fuel considered a finite resource?

A finite resource is something that can only be consumed once without possibility of being recycled for re-use. Because fossil fuels are burned, they cannot be reused and are therefore a finite resource.

Why are fossil fuels considered to be nonrenewable while biomass fuels are considered to be renewable?

It takes millions of years for organic matter to decay into fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal). It takes just a few weeks to grow biomass and turn it into fuel. Fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) started as organic matter 300 million years ago. They were subjected to intense temperatu ( Full Answer )

Why is using fossil fuels considered unsustainable?

Notice the word "fossils " this is no mistake. After millions ofyears of heat and pressure the fossils became oil and other fuelsthat we use. Once gone they are gone because we don't have the timethat it took for the death of dinosaurs to make it.