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It allows enzymes such as RNA polymerase to attach the correct base to the new strand, and therefor conserve your genetic code (keep it the same).

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Q: Why is complimentary base pairing vital to the structure of DNA?
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Who discovered complimentary base pairing?


Where does the complimentary base pairing occur the DNA molecule?


What is the significance of complementary base pairing in relation to the cell cycle?

Complimentary base pairing provides a means to replicate the genetic material.

Why is complementary base paring vital to DNA structure?

Because if the pairing of the bases is incorrect then a mutation will form that can be silent or deadly .

What is a complimentary base pairing?

adenine pairs with thymine, cytosine pairs with guanine

What concept came from studying the amounts of each DNA base in different organisms?

complimentary base-pairing

The base sequence of RNA is what to the DNA from which it is transcribed?

complimentary For example, if the DNA codon is GCA, the complimentary mRNA codon will be CGU, according to the base pairing rule.

Relate the base pairing rules to the structure of DNA?

The relationship of base pairing rules to the structure of DNA was observed by Rosalind Franklin. This observation was of purine pairing with pyrimidine that gives constant width to DNA structure.

What is the enzyme that makes new strands of DNA by using complimentary base pairing?

DNA Polymerase

What is the term that means base pairing?

Base pairing refers to the pairing of complimentary nitrogen bases, either during DNA replication, or transcription and translation. In DNA, the bases adenine and thymine pair together, and guanine and cytosine pair together. In RNA, the base uracil takes the place of the base thymine. The bases that pair together are said to be complimentary to each other.

What is a Complimentary codon?

A complimentary codon is one that pairs with another codon according to the base pairing rule. For example, the DNA codon ATG is complimentary to the mRNA codon UAC.

How is RNA reflection of DNA?

mRNA makes a complimentary copy of the DNA molecule according to the base-pairing rule.

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