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Cookies are unhealthy when eaten too often or too many at a time, because they are high in calories without much protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates or vitamins.

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Q: Why is cookies unhealthy?
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Related questions

Why are cookies unhealth?

Cookies are unhealthy because they contain a lot of sugar and fat. Eating one (or two small) cookies will not make you unhealthy, so long as you make other healthy choices.

Are cookies an unhealthy food?

Cookies r made differently so there is more than one answer. but they do have Banana cookies they r a lil healthy.

Can you eat 100 cookies?

It's possible, but it is unhealthy. You would get sick.

Are cookies awesome?

yes cookies are amazing, unless you have cookieitus then you can't eat cookies. But remember Cookies are very unhealthy and there are healthier choices. See the related links below for some cookie recipes! ;)Cookies are awesome!

What makes cookies unhealthy?

Cookies are only unhealthy if they are eaten in excess, or if they replace other nutritious food. Cookies should be eaten sparingly as dessert or as rare snacks, because they contain a lot of sugar and a few of the vitamins and minerals that the body requires.

What unhealthy snacks kids eat?

Chips, Popcorn, Cookies, Ice Cream, Candy

What are the bad effects of eating cookies?

Cookies are not very healthy foods, and eating too much can cause weight gain due to an unhealthy diet and the extra calories in the cookies. Raw cookies can cause food poisoning.

Are orange cookies actually healthy?

Orange cookies, just like any other cookies you can buy or make, can be healthy. It all depends on the rest of the ingredients used, how they're cooked, and so on. Most cookies in general though would be classified as unhealthy.

Can you use shortening instead of butter in choc chip cookies?

You can use either-I personally prefer butter. ............. Butter gives a better flavor to the cookies and does not have the unhealthy partially hydrogenated vegetable oils that are in shortening.

Is cookies without flour heathy?

Cookies without flour are not unhealthy. If cookie dough is made without flour, the finished cookie will be very flat and have spread out on the cookie sheet. It won't taste very good, but it is healthy.

What food cause diabetes?

Type 1 Diabetes is when your born with it. If you an unhealthy diet full of sugar (soda pop, cookies, candy, cake,pie) you can develop type two diabetes.

Do grocery stores have unhealthy foods?

Of course they do. Just walk down the cookies, cereals and chips aisle It is very important to read food labels as SO much processed had alot of sodium, corn syrups, preservatives, saturated fats, sugars, etc that is very unhealthy.

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