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Did you get the hose clamps tight? Did you puncture a hole in the bottom of the radiator? Did you get the petcock closed all the way? You didn't overtighten the petcock at the bottom of the rad did you? Is your water pump good? Did you put thermostat in the right way?????????????

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What do you check if your water is leaking out your car and running hot?

Thermostat and radiator

Why is coolant leaking from the bottom of the engine beneath the radiator?

is coolant leaking from engine?or is it leaking from water pump and running down engine and appears to leak from engine

You used water in your leaking radiator for 2 monthscan this damage the thermostat in a caravan 2002?

Running it while leaking can cause it to overheat repeatedly, which can cause thermostat damage , along with other problems.

How do you ensure there is no air lock when replacing a thermostat?

First you need to run the engine until the thermostat opens, you will see the water running through the radiator. the coolant will go down into the radiator You need to continue to add coolant until you don't see anymore air coming up, or coolant go down into the radiator maybe three times that the thermostat opens. When you have got most of the air out you will see the water running inside of the radiator then stop when the thermostat closes. Cycle it two or three times to be sure.

Why is a 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser running hot?

Radiator fan inoperative, thermostat stuck closed, coolant low, radiator restriction, etc.

You have antifreeze leaking only when car is running It is dripping down underneath the passenger side next to trasmission It is pure coolant You changed thermostat?

I would check the hoses leading into your radiator, and also the overflow for antifreeze. If that is not the problem, it could be your heater core. Your heater core might be leaking, you might have a hose leaking

Why is your 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser running hot?

Low coolant, failed water pump, thermostat, plugged radiator, inoperative radiator fan, head/head gasket.

If radiator fluid is drawn into radiator after 10 minutes of vehicle running is thermostat working?

Yes your thermostat is working if it is drawing coolant after about ten minutes. It depends on the size of your motor to determine how long it should take to hit the right temp for the thermostat to open up so it can send coolant through the system. If it starts within ten minutes your thermostat is working fine

Your Explorer is running hot and has already boiled over in the coolant compartment?

Thermostat stuck closed? Low coolant level? Radiator plugged or dirty? Water pump not working? Cooling fan not working? Defective radiator cap?

What if your coolant keeps boiling out?

Thermostat needs to be replaced, it is not opening (most common). Is electric fan on radiator running normally from time to time?

Running hot 1996 ford contour gl 2.0?

Check your radiator and make sure it has coolant in it. Thermostat might also be stuck.

How would you know whether water pump or thermostat is the cause of overheating?

generally, water pumps leak when defective but still pump water. could be thermostat, plugged radiator, loose belt, low coolant answer if pump is not leaking, get engine to running temp and remove radiator cap look in to see if water is circulating if water is circulating it is not the pump i would change thrmostat then check radiator cap

What should i do when Low coolant light comes on running hot and leaking coolant but not sure where . i have changed thermostat and temperature sensor on a 1997 Chevy lumina 3.1?

possibly the water pump

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1993 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder?

my 1993 Toyota Camry radiator had a hole in it it was overheating. I replaced the radiator. The car is still overheating where is the thermostat located. First, drain your coolant from the radiator. Find your lower radiator hose and follow it to the metal housing. This is the thermostat housing. Remove the 2 nuts with a 10mm wrench. Remove the thermostat and replace with new one and new gasket. Re-install and re-fill your radiator with new coolant. Drive the car with heater running. Allow the engine to cool and top off the radiator. Add coolant to the reservoir to halfway between Full and Low.

Why is your engine running hot?

low coolant? Plugged or restricted radiator? Water pump not circulating coolant? Cooling fan not working? Thermostat not opening? Cooling system air bound?

Leaking coolant when not running?

Can be a hole in the radiator or a problem with one or more of the hoses. A mechanic can run a pressure test to see where the problem(s) are located at.

Why is your engine running hot without the thermostat?

the coolant goes through the radiator too fast to be cooled sufficiently. a thermostat will help get the engine to operating temp and the let only enough coolant through to keep engine at that temp. this slows coolant down enough to be cooled properly.

Where is the thermostat located on a Oldsmobile silhoutte?

Under the throttle body. Facing front of the van follow the radiator hose on the right side of the radiator to the engine. Where that stops is your water neck inside is the thermostat. Most of the 3400's and 3100's have coolant lines running into everything. There is 2 small coolant lines running into the throttle body. They will be kind of a pain to get off.

1989 Dodge shadow that the heater doesn't heat up and the heater core is not leaking what else could it be?

It could be that you are low on coolant, but if that is not the case, your thermostat may be stuck open. After the vehicle has been running for about 15 minutes, put your hand on the top of the radiator. If it is not too hot to touch, your thermostat should probably be replaced.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1999 Plymouth Breeze?

For a 2.4 litre engine, where the pressure cap is that is the thermostat housing..if you try to remove the pressure cap (in cold temperature only) you will see the thermostat..A damaged thermostat can be diagnosed when an engine running is at above normal temperature by squeezing the radiator hose connected to the thermostat housing..if there is no coolant running in it the thermostat is close then replace it.

Why is a 2000 Dodge Intrepid running hot I was driving today and the car started running hotI stopped to check the coolant level and coolant started to bubble out of the resevoirWhy would it do that?

Coolant level low? Check when cold Cooling fan not working? Thermostat not opening? Dirty or clogged radiator? Bad radiator Cap? Water pump bad?

How do you know if the water pump needs replacing in a vectra hatch v6 2000?

Look inside the radiator while the engine is running if the pump is good you will see the fluid swirling or at least moving around, if the shaft is difficult to move or there is play in the shaft then the bearings are going bad, if there is coolant seeping out of the weep hole, coolant seeping or leaking from the gasket, if when running with the cap on the hoses never stiffen up ( pressurize ), Overheating issues that cannot be tracked down to the radiator or thermostat, coolant flow is not vigorous.

00 mont starts to overheat at idlebut not if heaters are on runs 165 drivingany answers?

Check the coolant level. The 3400 engine is know to have head gasket problems. It starts out as low coolant and progress to the fluctuating temperature condition.engine coolant level is good,and no outward leaking problems,...could I possibly have a bad thermostat?cHECK TO SEE IF THE ELECTRIC FAN AT THE RADIATOR IS RUNNING

What does it mean when it says reduced engine power?

That means the engine is running HOT for some reason. Check the thermostat, Radiator and coolant level. Repair as needed.

1994 Honda accord and the radiator was cracked and i replaced it and bled the air out It is now running hot when the car is in idle and it doesn't seem to run hot when i am driving?

Had the same problem on my 1991 accord. Replace the thermostat, gasket, and radiator cap. Also, get a gallon of coolant if your current coolant has been in there for more than three years. The thermostat is in the engine block. Simply drain coolant, remove the radiator hose from the engine - the hose that goes from the bottom of the radiator into the engine. There may also be a small spount that bolts into the block, remove the bolts and there is the old thermostat.