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coral bleaching is the loss of symbiotic 'algae' known as zooxanthellae (actually, they're dinoflagellates) in stressful environmental conditions, such as warmer than normal water temperatures and UV stress from the sun, or even pollutants. These 'algae' provide the coral with 90% of it's nutrition which it uses for growth and reproduction. If the corals are unable to regain their zooxanthellae, they will slowly starve and lose the ability to compete with other organisms for space on the reef. Algae frequently overgrow the weakened corals which subsequently die. Some corals, such as plating corals, have fragile skeletons and crumble into rubble when the coral dies. If a coral is not growing, it is eroding by ocean processes, and loses the complex structure that provided a home for all of the other reef organisims. No reef, no fish.

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What are the advantages of coral bleaching?

I am not aware that any scientist considers coral bleaching to be advantageous; bleaching indicates the death of symbiotic algae within the coral, leading to the death of the coral itself, leading to a greatly reduced oceanic biodiversity, which is a bad thing.

How can you stop coral bleaching?

How can you stop coral bleaching? PS . please anweser my question from Gabrielle

What solutions are there for coral bleaching?

Coral bleaching can be treated by adding large amounts of hydrogen peroxide into the surrounding waters and allowing for the tide to bring it in. This will fix coral bleaching as the peroxide will counteract the natural UV exposure that so often causes the bleaching to occur and fix MOST of the problems.

What does bleaching of coral reefs mean?

Coral reef bleaching is the result of the die-off of certain coral. Coral reef bleaching is the whitening of diverse invertebrate taxa. Coral reef bleaching is caused by various anthropogenic and natural variations in the reef environment including sea temperature, solar irradiance, sedimentation, xenobiotics, subaerial exposure, inorganic nutrients, freshwater dilution, and epizootics.

Is coral bleaching abiotic or biotic?

Coral bleaching happens when the microscopic algae dies. This happens when the water gets too warm. This is abiotic.

What is choral bleaching?

This is a bit misleading because the word "coral" is misspelled "choral." Coral bleaching kills living coral organisms and is very prevalent in parts of the Carribbean. The coral appears pale white (or "bleached") instead of its normal gray-green-brown hues. Coral heads are actually made up of thousands of tiny, living organisms. Coral bleaching kills the coral and produces the white, bleached appearance. The coral can recover; however, it takes many, many years for coral to grow to a sizeable mass. Coral bleaching often kills the entire coral colony. Global warming is thought to contribute to coral bleaching: the problem in the Carribbean has worsened with just a one- or two-degree increase in water temperature.

Where does coral bleaching occur?

"Coral bleaching" is occurring in southeast Asia and the Great Barrier Reef. This is thought to be caused by increases in temperature and salinity, which causes the coral to reduce its symbiosis with photosynthetic protozoans. Past bleaching in the Mediterranean was attributed to a parasitic strain of Vibrio shiloi.

How can solar irradiance cause coral bleaching?

when too much ultraviolet radiation penetrates coral ecosystems, the photosynthetic processes of the zooxanthellae can be disrupted. loss of zooxanthellae is the ultimate cause of coral bleaching. its right. i just got this answer from E2020

What effect does coral have on the ecosystem?

Coral bleaching effects the ecosystem because, when the coral turns white coral is endangered. Because when coral turns white it is harder for it to live. I hope you like my answer. :) :) :) :) :)

Why coral reefs are dying?

because of coral bleaching,people are getting more and more corals,and dynamite fishing.

What is the definition of coral bleaching?

coral loses the algae that gives it color due to stress from factors like pollution.

Why is coral bleaching happening?

you need to get the answer so you can help other people

How will global warming affect the Great Barrier Reef?

The sea temperatures will rise and cause coral bleaching. The coral will die off.

Disadvantages of tourism in Maldives?

Coral bleaching of the reefs Destruction of nature strips and reserves

What made the carbon cycle is leading to coral bleaching?

absorption of carbon dioxide into the oceans

Can reefs recover from coral bleaching?

no the can't poison sticks to them and cannot come off

What percent of coral reefs were killed by coral bleaching in the Indian Ocean?

The Sea temp increased 2 degrees and 90% of the coral reef around the Indian ocean was killed or bleached

How do you know that coral are under stress in their habitats?

You would know if coral is under physical stress if it is bleached. Coral bleaching occurs when the coral polyps (the miniscule animals that coral is made of) expel their algal cells, and the coral looks white. If the coral stays bleached for too long, then it can die.

Why are corals no longer the dominant form?

Coral reefs are diminishing because of things like coral bleaching and rise in CO2 levels in and near oceans

How does man affect the coral reefs?

pollution, boat traffic, higher temperatures (caused by climate change - cause coral bleaching) and aggressive fishing.

How is coral adapted to its habitat?

Unfortunately, Coral have not yet adapted to their habitat. Rising water temperatures due to global warming are causing coral Polyps to expel their Zooxanthellae as part of Coral Bleaching. Hopefully something will be done before coral Polyps, and the Coral Reef biome, slip away.

Phenomenon coral bleaching?

Coral bleaching is a phenomenon where symbiotic algae come out of the coral due to the abnormal rise in the sea water temperature or other reasons, often resulting in the death of the coral. The phenomenon is thought to have a great cause-and-effect relationship with climatic changes because it occurred at coral reefs all over the world, interlocking with displacement to the south of El Nino and Southern Oscillation which became the largest scale in marine observation history.

Why is coral bleaching a problem?

Because it kills aquitic life and may change th water color

What are some solutions for coral bleaching?

stop global warming. (see ways to stop global warming)

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