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Why is corn called an ear of corn?


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The name is not related as you would expect to the ear that we hear with. It comes from the Gothic word for 'husk of corn' which was ahs.


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Today, it is called an "ear". The old farmer's name for it is a "blade" of corn.

The head of a corn is called an ear.

For field corn, or dent corn as it's sometimes called, there is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of a pound of shelled corn on an ear.

The first part that is called for the corn holder is called a "spike". And the second part of the corn holder is called the "ear"

A silo for corn silage, a crib for ear corn, or a bin for shelled grain corn.

is an ear of corn alive

an ear of corn IS living

because it's a buck an ear! (buccaneer)

Corn kernels develop along a cob and form an "ear" of corn. The ear is surrounded by protective leaves called a husk. Depending on the cultivar, the plant will produce one or more ears per stalk.Corn ears may have yellow or white kernels or a combination of both.So I guess Corn ear is a vegetable!

Its the cob and husk on thw corn.. sorta like when its growing.. Its a ear of corn!

As much as a frozen ear of corn!

there is about 70% of water in a ear of corn

pistillate (female) inflorescence, I think this is right..

Most people just call it an "ear of maize," or "ear of corn" in the US and Canada. A botanist might call it a "female inflorescence."

An ear of corn averages 800 kernels in 16 rows.

how many corn kernels are on one ear of corn

since when has corn had ears

There is no exact number of corn-kernels on an ear of corn. It all really depends on the growing conditions and size of corn when it's harvested.

The female floral organ is called an earRead more: What_are_the_parts_of_a_corn_plant

It varies due to ear size, length, weight, and type of corn, but a decent average is about 1.6 bushels ear corn to make one bushel of shelled.

The cob. The kernels, or seed, surround it and are themselves surrounded by the husk.

about 1,000 kernels of corn

A bushel of shelled corn weighs about 88% of a bushel of ear corn. Therefore, a bushel of ear corn weighs about 70 pounds and a bushel of shelled corn weighs 56 pounds.

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