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Q: Why is cuckoo spit so called when it has nothing to do with a cuckoo?
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How did cuckoo originate as a term for crazy people?

The association of the cuckoo with insanity is because of the cuckoo clock. The gears and noisy mechanical cuckoo of the cuckoo clock are figuratively equated with the strange goings-on of a crazy person's mind.

Why do the warbler and cuckoo live together?

The warbler and cuckoo live together because the cuckoo bird lays its eggs in the warblers nest. The cuckoo's eggs look so much alike; when the warbler comes back to its nest it thinks its eggs are the cuckoos, so it leaves them alone. Then when the cuckoo's eggs hatch, it pushes the warbler's eggs out of the nest. Then the mother warbler comes; only the cuckoo chick is there. The warbler then takes care of the cuckoo chick.

The relationship between a cuckoo bird and warbler?

The cuckoo is a parasitic bird (with only a few exceptions), meaning it relies on other birds to nurture its chicks. So the relationship between a cuckoo and a warbler is that the cuckoo lays one of its eggs in the warbler's nest and the warbler ends up raising a cuckoo chick.

Why are cuckoo birds so mean?

there is a special behavior that they have.

Do cuckoo bumble bees make honey?

The clue is in the name cuckoo. And, as with the cuckoo bird, the cuckoo bee queen will invade a bees nest, kill the resident queen, and lay her eggs for the resident workers to look after them. So they don't have to make beeswax or honey themselves.

Do frogs spit poison?

I don't think so. I think TOADS spit poison.

Do blue tongue lizards spit out dangerous stuff?

they do not spit out stuff that will do anything so no

Friends laugh at you when you talk because when you talk you spit what do you do?

so u spit everyone does it

Can a llama spit farther than an alpaca?

A llama can spit around 45 feet while an alpaca can only spit around 10 feet so a llama can spit farther.

Why do cowboys spit?

Many of them used chewing tobacco, which causes the mouth to make more spit. So unless they wanted to swallow the gunk, they had to spit it out.

What is does cockoo mean?

Did you mean Cuckoo? If so Cuckoo is the name of any of various related birds of the family Cuculidae, having grayish-brown plumage and a slender body.

What makes peacock feathers so unique?

They just are. You did'nt know that?! You are cuckoo!