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depressed and angry people are naturally drawn to punk rock because it presents itself as some sort of alternative to mainstream society. and that's really what kids are looking for, is an alternative. and while discovering punk rock can change your life for the better, whether it's because you feel accepted or a part of something or otherwise, feelings like depression and general angst still remain. when you get people as pissed off and passionate as some punks can be, suicide can present itself as that alternative to mainstream society and the problems from day to day. ___________________________________________________________________________

I think that depression and suicide were not associated with punk music until goth and emo started becoming more scene. The punk scene pre-goth may have been associated with being angry, but not with depression. Punk was more about becoming socially active and politically aware. It was more about breaking from the main stream and becoming more independent of government and major corporation.

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Q: Why is depression and suicide associated with punk music?
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