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Diamonds are the hardest mineral known, so only diamond dust can polish a diamond and only diamond-tipped tools can cut a diamond.

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Q: Why is diamond dust used to cut diamonds?
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When a diamond is cut what happens to the dust and is it worth anything?

When a diamond is cut, the dust is collected and used to polish diamonds.

How does diamond dust form?

Dust from diamonds is generated when diamonds are cut and polished.

What by product is released when a diamond cut?

Diamond dust is released, since a diamond is 100% carbon. Diamond dust is used industrially to cut and polish diamonds and other materials.

What is the cause of diamond dust?

When raw diamonds are cut and polished, a 'diamond dust' is released. It is collected and re-employed in the diamond polishing process.

How diamond is being cut?

As diamond is the hardest natural mineral on earth, theoretically, only diamond can cut a diamond. But, diamonds are also cut by lasers. Diamonds are cut and polished on diamond wheels. They are held against a rotating plate which is made from hardened steel infused with diamond dust.

What are diamond fragments called?

When diamonds are cut and polished, the fragments can be called chips or dust, depending on their size.

Where can you get diamond flakes?

You may be able to buy diamond chips or diamond dust -- which is sand-like -- from a diamond cutting operation. Diamond 'flakes' would be cut diamonds into a flake pattern, and you could commission such a cut from a diamond cutter.

What can be used to cut diamonds?

Diamond coated saw blades.

Which machine uses diamonds?

A diamond polishing wheel used by a diamond cutter uses diamonds to polish and hone the gem-quality diamond's cut.

Are diamond blades suitable to cut gems?

As the logic goes it is difficult to cut glass with glass. Diamond saws are used for cutting rough diamonds. The lasers are also used widely to cut diamonds. The cutting of rough diamond also followed by girdling.

How do you cut diamonds on RuneScape?

To cut diamonds, use a chisel on an uncut diamond in RuneScape. Further cut diamonds can be cut into bolts for rangers.

Where does diamond dust occur?

Your answer depends on the material you choose to call 'diamond dust' and the situation in which you find the material. When diamonds are cut and polished, diamond dust may be produced. Academically, when describing the geology of diamond, one can ask about the 'streak' of diamond, where the dust of a diamond stone is removed from a diamond. In extreme cold weather, frozen water droplets are sometimes called diamond dust. Diamond dust may also be the trade name for some illegal drugs.