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Vitamin A offers a range of advantages for both old aged as well as teenagers. The advantages entail essential bodily functions such as cardiovascular health, embryonic maturity in pregnant females and sustaining hereditary integrity, and bone metabolism.

Apart from these benefits, Vitamin A is a prime nutriment for maintaining good eyesight and excellent skin. It even acts as an entire immune system booster. Recent studies state that Vitamin A might also treat night blindness to a great extent.

Vitamin A is available in two forms, provitamin A and preformed vitamin A. Carrots, meat, eggs, dairy products, and fish are some of the rich sources of Vitamin A.

Insight Effects:

Through comprehensive studies, researchers have discovered that the amplest source of Vitamin A in the entire human body is the retina and tissues found behind the eyes. In ancient times, many civilizations made use of liver, which is an exceptional source of Vitamin A to address various types of eyesight problems.

Next, Xerophthalmia is a severe eye disorder, which results from night blindness causing closure of the cornea and ultimately rupturing of eyes. Liver and cod liver oil, which are two great sources of Vitamin A have great optimistic effects on this condition.

In fact, in many cases of Xerophthalmia, the effect of Vitamin A was so swift that the patients got relief within 24 hours from night blindness.

Furthermore, cod liver oil greatly helps to overturn keratomalacia, which is a medical condition, linked with extreme nutritional dearth distinguished from ulcer of cornea, severe dryness of eyes and infection.

Indeed, the scientific name for Vitamin A is retinol, due to its existence in the retina of eyes. The retinol or Vitamin A plays a vital role in vision. The purple retinas present in eyes transform into yellow color, when exposed to light. In addition, a biochemical series containing Vitamin A reinstates purple retinas, which allows us to see.

Vitamin A also helps to keep your eyes and retina moist to prevent the onset of many eyesight problems.

Insufficiency of Vitamin A in pregnant women might result in offspring delivered with eye imperfections.


It is essential to understand that Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which signifies that it is feasible to intake excessive amount of Vitamin A. Be careful of this, as Vitamin A toxicity may turn extremely risky to your eyes, therefore it is vital to ensure that you intake proper amount of Vitamin A dosages for proper eyesight.

Hence, it becomes extremely pivotal to consult a doctor before taking a Vitamin A supplement for your eyes.

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Q: Why is dietary vitamin A used for eyesight?
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