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why is drug abuse dangerous

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Q: Why is drug abuse dangerous?
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Related questions

In what way can the comprehensive dangerous drugs act of 2002 helps solve the problem of drug abuse in the country?

It can't solve the problem of drug abuse.

Is Diazipam dangerous?

It's can be addictive, which is dangerous if you have a history of drug abuse, or any sign of an addictive personality.

Is acetominophen dangerous?

Acetaminophen is present in Tylenol. It is a safe drug to take when used as directed. However, as with any drug, abuse of acetaminophen is very dangerous and can cause severe liver damage.

What type of drug is a drug that causes its abuser to have delusions and visions?

A hallucinogen. Most are dangerous. People abuse these to escape from what they perceive to be a painful reality, rationally or not.

What has the author Marilyn Carroll written?

Marilyn Carroll has written: 'Cocaine and Crack (Drug Library)' 'PCP, the dangerous angel' -- subject(s): Drug abuse, Drugs, Juvenile literature, Phencyclidine, Phencyclidine abuse, Toxicology 'Cocaine and crack' -- subject(s): Cocaine abuse, Crack (Drug), Drug abuse, Juvenile literature

Is drug abuse the same as drug prescription?

No. Drug abuse is using drugs the wrong way, like taking too many or taking dangerous ones and becoming addicted. A drug prescription is an instruction from a doctor to a chemist to give the person particular drugs, outlining the correct doses.

Should drug abuse by pregnant women be considered drug abuse?

Drug abuse is drug abuse, regardless of whether or not the woman is pregnant.

Does drug abuse cause hepatitis e?

Sharing needles can spread hepatitis and HIV; very dangerous.

Name one reason why drug abuse is negative and deadly?

because it's dangerous it will kill you from the amount you use because your brain function won't work well you will have throat cancer and die and some people have addictions and will die from drug abuse over use and if you think it's not bad then see what happens when you abuse drug's . :0

Where can one find drug abuse information in the US?

One can find drug abuse information in the US online on websites, such as Medicine Net, Drug Abuse, Drug Free and Treatment Solutions. Drug abuse website educates gives help to drug abuse victims.

Define drug use and drug abuse?

For me the difference is drug use You can control it Drug abuse is the drug controls you

What is the same about drug abuse drug addiction and drug dependence?

drug abuse could lead to drug addiction and dependence

What is eridicating drug abuse?

Nothing is eradicating drug abuse.

Which agencies fight drug abuse?

There are various worldwide agencies that fight drug abuse. In the United States there is the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

what exactly is drug abuse?

Drug abuse happens when someone is taking a drug for fun, for a non-medical reason. Drug abuse can lead to physical harm and criminal prosecution.

What has the author Eric Single written?

Eric Single has written: 'Horizons 1994' -- subject(s): Drug abuse, Drug addiction, Tobacco use 'Canadian profile' -- subject(s): Drug abuse, Drug abuse and crime, Economic aspects of Drug abuse, Statistics, Substance abuse

Is Drug use life abuse?

Yes drug use is life abuse.

What type of therapy is drug abuse treated with?

rehab is treated for drug abuse.

Where could someone find help to aid a friend with drug abuse and addiction?

Drug abuse and addiction support can be found at a drug abuse hotline. The best way to help a friend with drug abuse and addiction problems is to give them a phone number to a drug abuse hotline and make sure they talk to a specialist who is trained to help people in such situations.

What are examples of drug abuse?

taking drugs for fun is a drug abuse taking drugs on your own without any appropriate advise is a drug abuse taking more drugs than advised by a doctor is a drug abuse

What was the Buckley report?

Is a report about drug abuse. There was a question about whether or not rock music influenced drug abuse.

Scope and limitation of drug abuse?

Sadly, the only real limitation to drug abuse is the death of the abuser. Drug abuse affects many of the body's systems, including respiration, cardiac, and brain function.

Among caffeine pethidine amphetamine Oxycontin morphine which drug is not a drug of abuse?

Technically caffeine, but ANY drug can be a drug of abuse if you work at it hard enough.

What is the percent of drug abuse in middle school?

The percent of drug abuse in middle school is 52%.

What drug do people like to abuse?

Alchol is the main drug that people abuse in the united states

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