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Why is engineering considered a professional course of study?

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Engineering is a profession because it is an occupation that requires considerable training and specialized study.

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Q: Why is engineering considered a professional course of study?
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Is accounting considered a professional course of study?

Accounting is considered a professional course of study. There are several different levels of degrees that can be obtained in the field of accounting. Including Associates of Science Accounting and Bachelors of Science Accounting.

What is the hardest engineering course?

The one that you don't study for :)

Can a girl study marine engineering?

it is an amazing course for girls

What is the requirements to become an electrical engineer?

Of course you study and you are a graduate of an electrical engineering course. You also pass the electrical engineering board exam.

If an electronic and communication engineering student can study animation course?


Which is more interesting to study-electrical or electronic engineering?

for me , of course electronic engineering is much more interesting

How long is it to study medical engineering?

It is considered a four year degree.

Which is the toughest professional study course by Guinness book 2011?


Is MBA is better than engineering?

MBA, Master of Business administration is better than any professional degrees like Engineering because MBA is practical study it make to study your life.

What be course you can study after finishing diploma in electronic and communi?

You can study several courses after finishing diploma in electronics and communication engineering you can go for- B.Tech from E&C B.E AMIE and you can also go for other professional courses. like industrial automation and training.

Is a Football study or Sports Management course on the university good choice if you want to be a professional football coach?


Why does marine engineering course study chemistry?

Marine engineering is like the fancy option, where Chemistry is the foundation upon which all else is built.

What to study after mechanical engineering?

Study Engineering mechanical

What course of study do you need to be an astronomer?

to become an astronaut, you nned to study astrophysics, take aeronautical engineering and should have encyclopaedic knowledge

What is the best course to study after mechanical engineering?

design courses are best like cad cam and relative

Suggest which course to study in engineering after plus two?

From my poine of Mechanical engineering branch is very good and nice after 10+2. with regards, Rajeev Shishodiya

Annamalai university diploma mechanical engineering course detail?

iam finish 10th in 2003 now i want to do DIPLOMA IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING IN ONLINE it what a rule of the study please send a course detail thank you

Is automobile engineering and mechanical engineering same?

No. automobile engineering and mechanical engineering r different. Mech. engg. deals with overall study of production engineering, designe engineering, automobile engineering, thermal engineeringand many other topic. Automobile engineering can be considered as a specific branch which deals with the topics specific to automobile engineering.

What does engineering have to do with math?

Mathematics is the language of engineering. It is impossible to study engineering of any discipline without the use and study of math.

What does math have to do with engineering?

Mathematics is the language of engineering. It is impossible to study engineering of any discipline without the use and study of math.

Is it easy to study mechanical engineering?

Depends on way you think. But generally it is considered one of the tougher degrees to study. Personally I find it difficult but very interesting.

What is the purpose of electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Purpose is to study and use the engineering knowledge.

Is engineering tough?

No, engineering is not tough if you have interest in it and if you can study.

What can you study after completing mechanical engineering?

Electrical engineering.

What math courses are necessary for a computer science course?

If the computer science degree is at a professional level, such as engineering computer science, the program of study should include. Calculus I, II, III, differential equations, and possibly more higher level math courses.