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Why is eon in the omnitrix?

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Is Eon an Official Omnitrix Alien?

Only in ben 10 race against time.

Who has the omnitrix?

The omnitrix isn't real

How do you get the omnitrix in fusionfall?

you dont get the omnitrix

Can you get a real omnitrix?

give a omnitrix in patnagarh

Can they do the real Omnitrix?

I think that they can do the real omnitrix.

Who created the omnitrix in Ben 10?

AZMUTH the creator of the omnitrix. He comes in the episode SECRET OF THE OMNITRIX on tv

Can you buy a omnitrix toy then turn it to real omnitrix?

no the omnitrix is a fictional object and probably will never exists

How did Ben get the Omnitrix?

He get the Omnitrix inside an alien pod.

How do you get an omnitrix?

The omnitrix just comes to you if it thinks you are worthy

Is the omnitrix are rael?

no its just a toy omnitrix are not real

How do you know its the real omnitrix?

I don't think the omnitrix is real

How many omnitrix are there?

The Omnitrix is a fictional gadget from the animated children's show Ben 10. There are only two versions of the Omnitrix.

Where can you buy an omnitrix?

Of course there is no real omnitrix but you can get the omnitrix fx watch with sound from toymaster, argos and most good toy shops.

What eon is after the Hadean Eon?

archean eon

Could someone make a omnitrix?

yes genius can make omnitrix

How do you get Alien X on the omnitrix?

Alien x isn't on the omnitrix yet but there is going to be a new omnitrix with all aliens on it including alien x.

Where does Ben get the Omnitrix?

ben finds the omnitrix in a meterite that crashed on earth in a forest

How do you get the omnitrix thathas all the aliens on RuneScape?

Runescape? omnitrix? ?!?!?Aliens?!?!?! what do these things have in common

How do you make a real Ben 10 Omnitrix?

You can't. The Omnitrix in Ben 10 is fake.

Where Can you get the real omnitrix?

go into space and find ziyleen and say to her give me the omnitrix then she will give you it

Does Gwen Tennyson know the feeling having the omnitrix?

Not really but she has powers that are like the omnitrix.

What looks better the omnitrix or ultimatrix?

the omnitrix looks neet but the ultimatrix looks better

What do you supose to do yo get the real omnitrix?

You don`t have to do anything because there is no omnitrix in real.

How do you build a real omnitrix?

An omnitrix cannot be built. It is a fiction device. You can buy a toy of it at a store.

Can you get Ditto on ben10 deluxe omnitrix?

to be honest no you can't get ditto on the ben 10 deluxe omnitrix