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Fish are Natural Resources because we humans use them for many things. Some of those things are fish oil, food, fish, fish scales, and many other things. (please add on to my answer)

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Why is wildlife a natural resource?

Its natural and a resource

Is wildlife a natural resource?

of course wild life is a natural resource!!!:p

How is wildlife a natural resource?

nature is a natural resource because it came here naturally and we COULDN'T survive without it

Are fish a natural resource?

Fish, in some ways could be used and said to be a natural resource. Atlantic Codfish are used up and are said to be a depleted natural resource.

What are the natural resource of Massachusetts?


Why is shrimp a natural resource in Panama?


Why are fish considered a natural resource?

A Natural Resource is any material made by the earth and used by humans. Fish is used by humans to eat and sometimes even create other things, as well as it coming from the earth. It is a natural resource.

What is the natural resource in Persian Gulf?

Oil and fish are the Gulf's natural resources.

What resource is in the north sea?

Oil, natural gas, fish.

What are three natural resource of the sea?

water, salt and fish

What are the resources of the maldives islands?

their main natural resource is fish

What are some natural resources in South Carolina?

Natural resources in South Carolina include wildlife, timber, and agriculture. Natural stones are also a natural resource of South Carolina.

What are the natural recources in Louisiana?

oil natural gas salt sulphur lignite forest wildlife fish labor

What is Senegals main natural resource?

fish, phosphate, and iron ore

What are the Eskimo's natural resource?

there staple food are walruses, fish, and whales

Is it fair to say that fish are a common natural resource ?

I think so.

What are four natural resources of the area around Jamestown?

Farmland, trees, wildlife, fish

What does a natural resource look like?

Water is a natural resource. Iron ore is a natural resource. Wood is a natural resource. Sunlight is a natural resource.

What resource can be cultivated in the North Sea?

Oil and natural gas, as well as fish.

What were there natural resources of the Inuit tribe?

They were not a tribe. Inuit is a race of people. Some natural resources were fish, berries, and animal wildlife.

What natural resource would most likely contribute to the growth of a coastal community?


Are peanuts a nonrenewable resource or a natural resource?

Natural resource

Are fish wildlife?

If the fish are in the wild and are not being kept as a pet, then yes, fish are wildlife. Wildlife is classified as any life not living as a pet.

What are the natural resources in Lake Erie?

lake Erie is a natural resource itself because of the fish that you eat and the water to drink.

What natural features of Minnesota make it a good home for wildlife?

the fish and the woods i think the retards and nerds

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