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Flatulance is often associated with eating starchy foods. Many fat people tend to overeat and eat a lot of starchy foods which would cause them to produce more gas, resulting in more flatulance. Skinny, medium or obese, people can have flatulance and it can be caused by some foods (such as baked beans, Chili, spicy foods, eggs, beer, etc.) and WE ALL have flatulance to some degree. However, the above poster is correct in saying that obese people can have more flatulance than others because the tend not to exercise as much because of packing the extra weight.

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Why are baked beans closely associated with flatulence?

Baked beans are closely associated with flatulence because they are known to actually increase flatulence in people. Baked beans can cause a rise in flatulence because of the fermentation of the polysaccharides.

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"In addition to eating certain foods, drinking carbonated beverages can also increase the chance of flatulence.""The strange smell in his den was found to be the result of flatulence from his cat.""A noisy release of flatulence can be embarrassing in public."It's gross when people have flatulence problems.

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