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If you like someone you can show him/her by flirting

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there's no good in Flirting..

Flirting is the nature of life. But if you do it to much the person they might get a little obsessess with them, and somebody could get hurt

flirting is when you try to impress a girl. for example make her laugh or act tough. now people use flirting to try to get a girlfriend. its a risky business but when you do it right its WORTH IT. Note: Flirting can be done by anyone, and isn't just used to impress a girl. Flirting can have different effects on anyone, and someone may be turned off or annoyed by a flirting tactic you may use. Flirting is used when you want to show someone that you're interested in them. Flirting can be complimenting someone or joking with them. It's a good idea to make the person you're flirting with feel good about themselves, and to make them comfortable around you. If you flirt well, people may want to get to know you better, and since flirting is normally used by people who want a relationship... It's good to know how to flirt.

It is quite possible that she was flirting with you. The fact that she touched you on your shoulder is a good indicator.

Jennifer was talking with John and she was flirting with him.

Start flirting! There is no better way to start out a good relationship than flirting.

Humor and Honesty are the best ones.

if she blushes when you talk to her then there is a probability that she`s flirting with you and if she asks you for you`r phone number then she probably likes you so good luck out in the wild.

ANSWER: Flirting is only admiration is a good way. When we flirt, we compliment that person, not to go to bed with him or her. Unless the flirting follows by intimacy, that's when you can say cheating, other than that, if ok to flirt.

Maybe,but some people have a good sence of humor.

Flirting is indicating you care for him. Physical flirting would be showing you care by bodily contact.

Basically flirting is teasing a good tip is if you tell him that you friend fancies him (but don't tell him that its actually you) then that will get him to talk to you then enventually give in and tell him that you 'friend' who fancies him is actually you. that's serious flirting it worked for me because i am now married to that guy i did that to! good luck an remember carry on flirting and he will soon get the hint!

You can tell your crush is flirting with you by the way he acts. If he says good things about you to your face ; he's flirting | if he gets a little envious when you discuss another boy , you know he is | && if he always stares at you or talks to his homies about you constantly , you can definitely tell. [:

Well I think you will kind of know when a guy is flirting with you because like... If u know this guy who flirting with you doesn't usually talk to you this way like warm felt?... He may be flirting with you. If he tries to get close to you he obviously likes you, starts to make you laugh more, n hugs you but not like most people like he hugs you closer he likes you and is flirting with you. I hopes this helps sorry I combined both how do you know if he's flirting and if he likes you... Good luck!!!

yes it is a form of flirting

you can tell her to stop flirting and if she denies it ask him if he likes her and tell him that he considers it flirting and if she dusnt stop then shes being way to naive for her own good and u have to help her

flirting means "flirtear" or "coquetear"

they might necessary like you but it might be a form of flirting i know this casue it happened with me so maybe try flirting alittle back...good luck!

Go to a night club and get the guy you like totally pised.

One of the best ways to test the waters for the possibility of a new relationship with a girl is to flirt. Flirting helps to break the ice so both of you are less nervous, and it makes her feel good about herself, which will make her feel good about you! When flirting, it's best to start out casually. Consider telling her that she sounds intelligent or that you like the way she writes.

not necessarily depends what he said if something good then yeh if something bad then obviously no Well I would say "yes" mostly compliments from guys mean they are flirting with you.

flirting woth out flirting. it's really hard but once you know how to do it it's really easy. flirt with a guy-------tell jokes, make him laugh. and when he does, join in. if the joke goes wrong, just forget about it that second. flirt with a girl------tickle fight if you've been friends for a while or you could make her laugh. good luck flirting without flirting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!