Why is freedom taken away from us?

I appologise before hand for my poor writing skills, and the inhability that I have to express myself as other people have. I will try to respond this, with the cloud Idea in my head as clear as possible, appologise if its not completely understood, and I will write it as simple as possible.

Freedom is taken away from us because.
There is an incompatibility between living socially and having complete freedom. to live with others there has to be.
1- Compromise: this means that your own perspective can not be taken into account, if you have the mayority saying otherwise. as a group, compromising is loosing your freedom to do it to some extent.
2- In a society, where several people are living together, they need to set certain protocols for common understanding between themselfs. this starts being a bit more complicated when the society is much bigger such as a country, the need of Law is commonly use to put forward this protocols. Normally you will see societies together with common interest, where people share at least the main and most important Aim in the society to live together. compromising with the rest that are not personal choices, but are from the mayority.
3- Antisocial way of live: this is usually for someone that literaly can do as they please. without having to compromise to anyone, because its not affecting any society.
4- A perfect Harmoni: where Society has evolve enough to understand individuality, to attend every situation with the understanding of an individual, and their believe, and way of live, being aware at every point so no invation to their own freedom is done.
this last one, if its achieved, there would not be needs of laws, or refined protocols, as everyone would manage their own protocols respecting the individuality.
Freedom is taken from us because,
there is no understanding in the society of what freedom is.
Creation of rules, or laws that did not work because the ruts of the problem was never tacled or forgoten, are refined and patched, and re-patch, but never scrapped and start again(usually because society is afraid of big changes)
Invation of societies to people in Point (3)(antisocial) and push them to live in Point (2), where today people have no option but to live in Point (2), and for a person in point 3, its not easy to join point to as its a person from point 2 to join point 3.
Today, the lack of understanding the individual has taken millions of people in Point 3, force to live in point 2, (unhappy, and pushed around) where they have no option but to live there and People from point 2 have no understanding of people for point 3, this encourage critics, and inforcement of more laws, that will only work as a means to imprison people from Point 3 more, and more, taken also with them people from point 2 with them, where they already had the basic protocol followed, and having to loose their own society freedom.
but over all, the worst thing of all is Power to the few. where a group of people try to taccle all those incompatibilities in society from a chair, with their undestanding for only of Protocols, and laws from Point 2 People, and not understanding what so ever point 3 people.
Control is the biggest weekness of man, the biggest fault.
today in a big society, people have lost the basic understanding of the formation of a society, taken them further and further away to a complex law, restrictions, making society to control something the they should not.
The Government of todays society, have forgotten why they are there for. that they are they, elected, so they can administer the society, and ensure they are safe most of all. but a perfect example is a Police officer that when the people pay their salary. abuse power, use intimidation. instead of protecting the people from point 2 so there is harmony, you have them trying to catch you so they have to meet certain targerts. or punishing people for petty things, because they can take collect funds from them, and not serious law braking.
at much higher levels, governments are forgetting individuality, and with so much restriction, try to bring certain targets that they may have as statistics of, economy, and control, transforming the government into an ANT queen, so everyone else are loosing their freedom in Point 2.
today we have a society of Point 2 that is oppresed by control, taking over point 3, and where people have no more options to were to go to.
so either you live in point 2 in our way, or you don't live at all.
you have no way to live, no place to live, no freedom to think. no individual choise.
A man once said. I was born in this planet too, the same as you. why can I not choose my own ways. why do you have to invade my freedom of choise.
as people from point 2 invades all other choises.