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Why is gallipoli so important?


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It is important because its where they had war and many people lost their lives in Gallipoli


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that is the first place that the Australians fight war

Because NZ, and Australia fought along side the British, to support them. The term ANZAC stands for 'Australian New Zealand Army Corps' So New Zealand consider 'Rememberance day' as important because so many died in Gallipoli.

because it is were world war 1 was held

the allies wanted to capture gallipoli so they could get supplies to the Russians

The main goal of the Gallipoli campaign was to gain control over the Gallipoli peninsula. This neck of land overlooked the most direct sea route to Russia and was strategically important in World War I.

because the newzealand solders are beried their

There was a war at Gallipoli because the British wanted the strait on the other side of the Gallipoli peninsular so after the British tried a sea attack (this FAILED) so the British ordered the A.N.Z.A.C to try and seize the strait by land.

Because he wanted to dont tease him :-)

No. It is ranked relatively low in Britain's many war time anniversaries. However, it is celebrated with many referring it to as Gallipoli Day

the battle at gallipoli started i think because Britain had declared war against Germany and its allies so the Australian troups were sent to gallipoli and that was just on eof the many places that they fought at

It wasn't necessarily the world that attacked Gallipoli, mainly Britain, Russia and Australia. This was because Russia wanted control over Gallipoli so that the war against Britain would be easier.

The Gallipoli Campaign was fought on and around the Gallipoli Peninsula in World war I.

Gallipoli is located in Turkish Thrace, the European part of Turkey. The Gallipoli Campaign in the First World War was on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey.

one of the most important events in world war one is getting to gallipoli

Newzealand and Australia fought together in the name of Anzacs. They fought in Gallipoli in Turkey. The Gallipoli campaign was the their major first major battle. So that why it has Anzacs day. They fought in gallipoli because Turkey was Germany side. So the commonwealth (Britain) wanted Anzacs to capture the capital city of Turkey(I don't know what its name sorry) so that they can able to send the supply to Russia. The rusult was Anzacs lost.

The ANZACS went to Cairo on December 4th, 1914 so they could train and prepare for what was ahead in Gallipoli.

Because Gallipoli has a huge reserve of vegimite that the australian government wanted to get its hands on. So they invaded the country and took all the vegimite.

They fought in Gallipoli in 1915-1916

The brave soldiers fought in Gallipoli.

The brave soldiers fought in Gallipoli

Maximos of Gallipoli died in 1633.

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