Why is gallipoli so important?

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It is important because its where they had war and many people lost their lives in Gallipoli

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Q: Why is gallipoli so important?
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Where is Gallipoli and why is it so important for Australia?

that is the first place that the Australians fight war

If Gallipoli was a disaster why is it so important to Australian heritage and identiy?

becoz our soldiers fought there silly

Why is Gallipoli important in NZ?

Because NZ, and Australia fought along side the British, to support them. The term ANZAC stands for 'Australian New Zealand Army Corps' So New Zealand consider 'Rememberance day' as important because so many died in Gallipoli.

Why is gallipoli important?

because it is were world war 1 was held

Why did the Allies plan to capture Gallipoli?

the allies wanted to capture gallipoli so they could get supplies to the Russians

Why was the defeat at Gallipoli important for Australia's reputation?

Aussies have a lot of pride

Why is the location of gallipoli peninsula important?

because word war 1 was their

Why is gallipoli important to New Zealand?

because the newzealand solders are beried their

What were the goals of the gallipoli campaign?

The main goal of the Gallipoli campaign was to gain control over the Gallipoli peninsula. This neck of land overlooked the most direct sea route to Russia and was strategically important in World War I.

Why was there a war in Gallipoli?

There was a war at Gallipoli because the British wanted the strait on the other side of the Gallipoli peninsular so after the British tried a sea attack (this FAILED) so the British ordered the A.N.Z.A.C to try and seize the strait by land.

What was important about Gallipoli in World War 1?

Because he wanted to dont tease him :-)

Why does Gallipoli play such an important part in your war history?

To keep the US safe.

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