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because releasing all the energy in glucose would waste it and heat up the organism


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Cellular respiration utilizes glucose, and not fat, as its primary energy source. Fat is the last energy source to be used in the body.

Glucose is the most common energy source in cellular respiration.

The whole point of cellular respiration is to harness energy from the original source, glucose, and transform it into a usable and stable source, ATP.

The main energy source used in cellular respiration, particularly in animals, is glucose. It is the common energy source cells use in respiration to generate ATP.

Not directly. Glucose is used in cellular respiration to turn ADP into ATP, but it is ATP that is used for energy.

Glucose is the main source of energy for cellular respiration. During cellular respiration, this is converted into ATP, which is a form of energy the cell can use.

ATP is a direct source of energy when it comes to doing cellular work. ATP stands for Adenosine triphosphate. It is responsible for transporting chemical energy within the cells for the purpose of metabolism.

Glucose is the initial source of energy for glycolysis (the first step in cellular respiration).Respiration produces ATP, which is a form of energy that the cell can use.

Glycogen is a short-term energy source after cellular glucose supplies are depleted. It is stored in the liver and the muscle tissue.

Glucose is the main product of photosynthesis, and it has all the stored energy from the process. The point of cellular respiration is to break down this molecule and convert its energy into ATP which is the usable energy of the cell. Essentially, the glucose provides the source of the "fuel" that runs cellular activities.

Glucose can be converted into Pyruvate by the process Glycolysis. which is the first step in cellular respiration. to make ATP , as a energy source.

Cellular respiration does not utilize fat as its primary energy source. Its main biofuel are carbohydrates. It is the breakdown of glucose from carbohydrates that drives ATP production.

The source of glucose molecule that are involved in cellular respiration in plants is carbohydrates

Mitochondria use oxygen or O2 and glucose or C6H1206 for energy in a process called cellular respiration.

Glucose is a source of energy.

Yes. During the process of aerobic respiration as many as 38 molecules of ATP are produced for every molecule of glucose that is utilized. The aerobic respiration process breaks down a single glucose molecule to yield 38 units of the energy storing it in ATP molecules.

The main source of energy for cellular respiration is oxygen.

Glucose is a sugar, so yes it is a source of energy.

The direct source of energy for bird is the Wind Energy .

Glucose + ATP from previous cellular respiration cycles is used in aerobic respiration.

Glucose is the primary source of energy in cells. The hormone insulin allows glucose in the blood to enter cells. Cells undergo cellular respiration in which glucose is broken down and ATP is formed.

yes, glucose is the only source of energy for brain cells

Glucose is the primary food source of cellular respiration. The carbons in glucose as they pass through cellular respiration are converted into carbon dioxide.

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is the most common form of energy used by the cell.

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