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Why is graffiti bad for the environment?

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Graffiti is visual pollution. It usually makes things look bad, but apart from that it has no effect on the environment.

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Is graffiti bad?

Yes it is bad. You shouldn't do graffiti.

What do litter do in your environment?

what does litter and graffiti do to an environment

Can graffiti be a positive influence in the environment?


Is graffiti an art or vandalism?


What is bad about graffiti?

it is bad because when new people come in to that place they are not want to come back if there is graffiti all over the place!!

Is graffiti really a bad thing to do?

If you are doing something that both breaks the law and ruins other people's property, then yes, graffiti is bad.

When and how graffiti can be seen as a positive experience?

graffiti is a positive experience already it is just not used in the correct place people put graffiti on walls and express a bad image. People who want to express positive graffiti should have a special place to do that

Is graffiti a bad thing?

Yes it is a bad thing, because it is often illegal, vulgar and rude.

Why is graffiti bad?

Graffiti is bad because it ruins others property and it is vandalism. If you were to get caught doing graffiti you could go to jail or you would have to do community service! Graffiti could ruin YOUR LIFE if someone caught you doing it! If you wanna do graffiti do it on your own property!!! Then you can't get into trouble because it's YOUR HOUSE or YOUR PROPERTY!! Anyway what I'm trying to say is that graffiti can really mess up your life! Don't do it, or do it somewhere else other than on someone elses property!

Will the council clean up the graffiti?

I think that the council will clean up the environment because we pay the council money to look after our environment

What is social art?

art you can find in a social environment such as graffiti, paintings, or scribbles by a sibbling:-I

Is graffiti good or bad?

graffiti is good to look at but this is bnot good when it get out of hand likee: people writing on othere peoples propety or drawing on walls.

Where can do graffiti online?

you can do graffiti on graffiti on graffiti playdo????????????????????????????????????

What are the effects of graffiti?

make your community look bad and plus it traps ozone

Is elmers glue bad for the environment?

Elmer's glue is not bad for the environment.

Is global warming good for the environment or bad?

It is very bad for the environment...

Is cotton bad for the environment?

Cotton is not bad for the environment. This is because it is an organism that is a part of the environment and it produces oxygen.

Are smoke bombs bad for the environment?

Yes they're very bad for the environment

How is radon bad for the environment?

Radon is bad not for the environment but is dangerous for the life of all animals.

Why is dry cleaning so bad for the environment?

because it uses electisity which is bad for the environment

Are synthetic materials bad for the environment?

Some materials like plastic are bad for the environment.

Are books bad for the environment and why?

books are bad for the environment because they waste trees and paper.

How is steel bad for the environment?

Steel is bad for the environment as it releases dangerous gases which are dangerous for the environment and can affect the ozone layer.

Do you believe in graffiti?

Yes, graffiti is real. Usually, gangs do graffiti.

Is nitrous oxide bad for the environment?

No it is not bad