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All Muslims are meant to do the Hajj at least once in their lives, so it is very important for them.

Hajj e Akbar (Great Hajj) is each year that the Eid e Ghorban (festival of sacrifice) falls in Friday and so Hajj of 2011 was not Hajj e Akbar.

because they was both strong and powerful so everyone thought they were important

hajj is really important. muslim's should do it atleast once in their lifetime during Eid or any other day. its one of the five pillar

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Hajj is important to Muslims because it is our god's home and we pray there. Also we do religious things that we have to do.

The Hajj need not be followed if you have insufficient means to perform it. As a result, unlike the other four pillars, it can be abrogated and is, therefore, less important.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is as important as offering prayer or paying Zakaat. The difference is that it is obligatory just once in life time. It is, however, extremely important if certain conditions are fulfilled.

It is the House of Almighty Allah - Ka'abah - around which you circle 7 times while performimg Hajj or Ummrah. That is the basic and the most important ritual.

Out of the Five basic and compulsory pillars of Islam, one is Hajj. Hajj is compulsory for every ABLE (capable) Muslim. A true Muslim must go for Hajj once in a life-time (if he is economically and physically sound).

hajj is important because it is one of the five pilarrs of Islam that should be follwed by every Muslim GOT IT SUCKER

The word "Hajj" literally means the journey to Mecca made by a Muslim. Hajj is important to Muslims as they should atleast make this journey once in their life time.

They go on the hajj so they can show their respect to god (Allah), and if that it so they make them self a hajji (man) and a hajj ( women). Answer-2 Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is obligatory on all Muslims, men and women, once in life- time if they can afford physically and financially.

Michael Jackson was a Jehovah's Witness, not a Muslim and so could not perform the Hajj.

The question is not so clear. However, Hajj is performed to win the sweet Will of Almighty Allah.

So many people have performed Hajj 7 or more times.

shia: as I found up to hear the most important part of Hajj is the Intention of muslim that he wants to go to Mecca and do Haj.

Apart from performing Hajj at Mecca, the Muslim Hajis are supposed to visit Madina Munawara.

The most important ritual (Rukan) of Hajj is stay in the field of Arafat on the 9th of Zil Hajja. Hajj can't be completed without that stay in the Field.

Hajj is affiliated with Hazrat Abraham (AS) when after building the Ka'abah he announced to the people of the world to come to Ka'abah to perform Hajj. He announced it as he was commanded to do so by Almighty Allah.

mansa musa's pilgrimage to mecca (hajj) mansa musa's pilgrimage to mecca (hajj)

Hajj is basically a part of pillers of islam it is only compulsory for those who have money..otherwise for poor who don't have money it isn't compulsory for him

There are two important pilgrimages in Islam they are Hajj Umrah

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