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Q: Why is hajj so important?
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How important is it for Muslims to go on the hajj?

All Muslims are meant to do the Hajj at least once in their lives, so it is very important for them.

What is the most important part of Hajj?


What is the most important day of hajj?


Is hajj of 2011 will be hajj e akbar?

Hajj e Akbar (Great Hajj) is each year that the Eid e Ghorban (festival of sacrifice) falls in Friday and so Hajj of 2011 was not Hajj e Akbar.

What are the difficulties for pilgrims during pilgrimage of hajj?

because they was both strong and powerful so everyone thought they were important

What is the most important part of the hajj?

Tawafa kaaba

Why hajj is special for Muslims?

Hajj is important to Muslims because it is our god's home and we pray there. Also we do religious things that we have to do.

Is hajj important?

hajj is really important. muslim's should do it atleast once in their lifetime during Eid or any other day. its one of the five pillar

What are 10 facts about hajj?

hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj

Why is Hajj the least important pillar?

The Hajj need not be followed if you have insufficient means to perform it. As a result, unlike the other four pillars, it can be abrogated and is, therefore, less important.

Why is Hajj important?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is as important as offering prayer or paying Zakaat. The difference is that it is obligatory just once in life time. It is, however, extremely important if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Why is kabah important during the hajj?

It is the House of Almighty Allah - Ka'abah - around which you circle 7 times while performimg Hajj or Ummrah. That is the basic and the most important ritual.

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