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It is oil and carbon build up on the butterfly on the fuel injection system that causes the gas pedal to stick or hang closed. It happens on my 2001 Tahoe about once a year. This is a simple repair. There is a large rubber air cleaner hose from the air cleaner box to the intake manifold on the engine. There is a metal clamp that holds the rubber hose on the intake manifold. Loosen that clamp. Remove the rubber hose from the intake by pull to the front of the vehicle. Open the butterfly valve that allows air into the engine. Clean all the carbon and grease inside the the intake opening and around the butterfly where it touches when closed. If your rub you finger in inside the opening you will feel it gummy and it will be very greasy. Clean with solvent or just with a dry rag. This will solve problem for about a year to 18 months.

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Q: Why is hard to push the gas peddle down when the car is parked or stopped on a 2000 Tahoe?
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