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Why is history considered a social science?

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social=interaction and events between people

science=studying in detail a given subject

history=the recordings of events and interactions between people over time, studied by many so we can not only understand how we as humans have come to where we are now, but also to find patterns so that we may avoid disastrous decisions of the past and work for a better future.

2011-06-29 14:33:33
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Is history considered a social science?

Yes, it is considered a social science because it has the most important characteristic of a social science: it studies the social life of groups and individuals.

Is history a science?

History is a science because, the method used to evaluate historical sources is closely related to the scientific method. In school, history is considered a "social science."

Why is history considered as social science?

It has to do with society: the ability of not making the same mistakes that were made in the past societies. The science of this can be achieved through history.

Can social science be considered science?

By definition social science is science.

How is history related to social science?

history are indirectly related to social science.

When was Social Science History created?

Social Science History was created in 1976.

Is political science considered a social science?

Yes, political science is a social science.

How does history relate to other branches of social science?

how does history relate with other social science

How is history defined is social science?

History is the social science that investigates past human activity.

Is philosophy a social science?

Philosophy itself is not usually considered a social science. The most common social sciences are considered psychology and sociology.

Is history considered a science?


How is history defined in social science?

History is the social science that studies the progress of human civilization in its various aspects from antiquity to modernity.

Is criminology is a science?

It is considered a social science, such as psychology or sociology.

What are some examples of social science?

History, sociology, political science, psychology, and archeology are social sciences.

What makes social science a science?

Social science is considered a "science" because it requires a method of investigation and study as does any other science, environmental, physical, etc.

How do you define 'history'?

History is the social science that investigates past human activity.

What is Science not about?

Nice question. Science is not about social studies, history, math, etc.

How is science different from art and history?

Science is a scientific experiment, art is about talent and drawing, and history are social studies.

Why is geography considered more of a social science than science?

it is because geography deals with the interaction of people and the environment thereby its a social science.

Who defined History is past sociology is sociology is present history?

social science

What are the differences between social sciences and natural sciences?

social science is like history and natural science is studying nature

What has the author Mark Solovey written?

Mark Solovey has written: 'Shaky foundations' -- subject(s): Endowment of research, World politics, Cold War, Social aspects, History, Social sciences, Research 'Cold war social science' -- subject(s): HISTORY / Social History, POLITICAL SCIENCE / History & Theory, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Democracy, Research, World politics, History, Social sciences, HISTORY / United States / 20th Century

What are the subdivisions of social sciences?

Social "science" is generally taken to include anthropology, economics, history, political "science," psychology and sociology.

Is history considered social studies?


What has the author Loren R Graham written?

Loren R. Graham has written: 'Science, philosophy, and human behavior in the Soviet Union' -- subject(s): Science, History, Dialectical materialism, Soviet Union 'Science, philosophy and human behaviour in the Soviet Union' 'Technology, Culture, and Development' 'Moscow stories' -- subject(s): Intellectual life, Science, Social aspects, Social aspects of Science, Social conditions, Travel 'Science in the new Russia' -- subject(s): Science, History 'Science and philosophy in the Soviet Union' -- subject(s): Science, Dialectical materialism, History 'What have we learned about science and technology from the Russian experience?' -- subject(s): Constructivism (Philosophy), History, Science, Social aspects, Social aspects of Science, Social aspects of Technology, Technology