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That is just a matter of opinion, there are many benefits and disadvantages to each. In public school your child will not get much one on one help, they will probably be bullied at one time or another, there are a lot of people to distract them and there are more people to influence them. Home school is probably a little boring and there is not as much social interaction, you will be responsible for your child's education, how good is your education? I feel that home school is probably alright k-6 but as your child gets older they need the companionship of people their own age.

AnswerThere are TOO many variables to make such a blanket statement. Public schools you have to look at quality of education, its "track record", and other factors just as you would a Parochial or private school. The same goes for home schooling. Are the parents or guardians capable of providing quality education? Are the children well disciplined and self motivated. There is "good" and "bad" in any type of schooling. AnswerHome school saves time, money, and resources. In public schools, you have to fill unnecessary forms, and in private schools, you will get babied by teachers with one on ones. Well, to me, public schools give children better education and the teachers can be nicer depending on the school. Private schools just waste gas and money because they do not really do any good to you.
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Q: Why is homeschool better than public or private school?
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Witch is better homeschool or public school?

public school

Homeschool private school or public school?

That depends on the individual situation.

Is Charter School is a middle school?

No. A "Charter School is a type of school like: Homeschool, Private, Public, Catholic and so on.:)

Can you join the navy with homeschool degree?

Yup! For almost any college or organization, a homeschool high school diploma is just as good as one from a public or private school.

Is private school better than public school?

Depends on what kind of private school it is.

What is better private or public high school?

yes it is in public school if you get a B on a test in private you get a C so they have different scales.A honor class in public is a regular class in pravite.It is a proven fact that private school is much better then public school.

Why don't people choose to homeschool their kids?

umm...well u get a better education in public skools and private school...they may also develop poor social skills...

Is public better than home-school?

NO!!!IT IS NOT better!!i go 2 public school,i might homeschool within the next month!!ITS ANZIETY!!ITS HORRIBLE!!!bullys,plus u get a BETTER collage!!

What are the chances that you will get a better education in private schools than public?

The chances are that at a private school you'll probably get a better education than at a public school. But at a public school you can still get a good education.

Is public school better than private school?

The private schools are the best becaus the kids talk and act better than they do at public schools

Would it be worthwhile to open a homeschool for the public?

that would be called a private or umbrella school. There are thousands out there already...there are laws fees and requirements legally. Homeschool is home based education by the PARENT... not a school they go to.

How do you transfer from homeschool to public school?

talk to school administration

Are public schools better than private schools?

Public schools are usually better than private schools because they are free and have better education. It depends on the public school.

Are there any social awareness research studies that include homeschool kids? will show you all the pros and cons of homeschooling, private schools and public school. It does at one point say that home schooled children are more isolated than others because of lack of a larger social group.

Will the Gosselins homeschool the kids?

No, the kids go to private school.

Are public schools as effective as private school?

No, private schools are much better and more effective than public schools.

Do the children go to school in London?

Yes, in every developed country, children between 5 and 16 must be in education, whether it be in a public school, a private school or even a homeschool session.

To get into Notre Dame law school is it better to go to a public or private school?

yes it is better to go to a private school than a public school. these types of colleges look at who has a better education to give scholarships to because if they give a scholarship to a student they want the student to do good.

If your child gets retained in public school can you homeschool him?


What is same in public school and homeschool?

you still get tought dont you

Which is better for bullied kids homeschooling or public school?

I would personally say homeschool so they won't get bullied any more.

Are most public school bands better than private?

People will have different opinions about whether public or private school bands are better, but most will probably agree that a generalization about most school bands is difficult to make. While there are some outstanding public school bands, there are also some that are average and some that are poor. The same is true for private school bands.

Why are there public school homeschool private school?

They all are there to educate the people. Check website for uk open college to knowing variety of courses which home schools offer.

How do you begin homeschooling a child in Texas?

If your child has never been enrolled in a public school, you do not need to inform anyone. If your child has been in a public school, you fill out a withdraw form just as you would if you were moving or putting him in private school. For reason or new school, write "homeschool."

Pubil school is better than homeschool?

Depends on the teachers and students in public schools. Home school makes you learn math, science, and english online. It is free because you do not have pay money for public school field trips.