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Why is important that players run to the bases between innings?

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I think it's mainly a case of staying loose and avoiding cramps.

Running on and off the field not only moves along the pace of the game but is also a way to look like a team ready to play

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What are some examples and difffernences between softball and baseball?

Baseball: Smaller ball, larger bats, elevated mounds, grass infields, longer distances between bases/mound, overhand pitching, larger fields, and more innings in a game.

Is it true that many of the uses of bases take advantage of their ability to react with acids?

This reaction is useful but it is not the most important between uses of bases.

During replication the strands of a double stranded DNA molecule separate when bonds are broken between the paired bases. Why is it important for molecules to separate between the bases?

It is important for the molecules to separate between the bases during the replication of double stranded DNA because they must be equally divided to ensure each contains all the needed information.

If baseball game is in extra innings with the bases loaded and a home run is hit what is the score?

One team is 4 ahead

Why are there bases in baseball?

So the players have something to run to

Why is it important that the molecules separate between the bases?

If the DNA were to break at any other point, you could not replicate the bases. The bases must be split so that proteins can run down the broken bases and "complete" them with the base that used to be attached

Distinguish between acids and bases?

Distinguish between acids and bases?

How many cm are in between softball bases?

1828.8 cm between bases

Describe the importance of acids and bases?

acids and bases are important!

Why is it important that a DNA molecule separate between the bases and not at some other point?

If the DNA were to break at any other point, you could not replicate the bases. The bases must be split so that the proteins can run down the broken bases and complete them with the base that used to be attached.

What is the distance on feet between bases?

in MLB, the distance between bases is 90 feet.

When did baseball come to the US?

Rounders came to the US with the Jamestown Colony in Virginia. The American game of Baseball slowly evolved from that British game. In rounders there were 3 bases and home plate. I think all 9 players batted and there were 3 innings. They changed sides after the 9th player batted. The rules were similar but not the same.

What reaction occurs between two bases?

Normally no reaction will occur between two bases.

Why Distance between bases?

is the question what distance between bases? if so in MLB its 90 feet

What is the origin of Baseball as a nine innings game?

Nine innings- for that mater nine players MAY reflect the nine-month growing season- if you accept the idea that baseball evolved out of some form of ( like Harvest festivals) agrarian Sun-worship among American Indians. this theory was espoused by Ripley- and also accounts for the four bases being symbolic of the Four Seasons- the aversion to Night Baseball ( for decades) and the fact it is not played in inclement weather- Here Comes the Sun- indeed!

How many players 400home runs 400 stolen bases?

Barr Bonds

What players have 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases?

Barry Bonds

Why are army bases and air force bases so important in Alaska?

As with a majority of the areas that military bases are located, the bases are a huge contributor to the local economy. Between the members of the military who live off base who pay rent and shop at local stores, they also do a lot for the local tourism.

Basic Information about Baseball?

3 outs in an inning. 9 innings. 3 bases. 9 fielders. 1 pitcher. 2 leagues. If it clears the wall it is a homerun.

What is the length between bases in baseball?

the length between bases in baseball is 90 ft. in each base

Feet between bases in Japanese baseball?

Same as American baseball...90 feet between the bases.

What are some of the playing positions in softball?

There are nine: a pitcher, standing in the middle of the infield, a catcher straight across from her behind home plate to receive the pitcher's throw, and two players in between first, second and third bases. there are three players in the outfield, spread out evenly.

A baseball player hits a home run how far is it to run around the perimeter of the baseball diamond?

The shortest length around the bases is 360 feet, 90 feet between each of the three bases and home plate. When running out a home run, or any other hit, however, most players do not run in a straight line between the bases, so the actual distance the player runs around the bases would be slightly longer than the 360 feet.

What is the important of bases?

Bases are very important in the branch of organic chemistry. They are responsible for releasing ions into various medium which lead to any reaction.

What is a board game in which players try to transfer their pieces from their own to their opponents bases?