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Because you can die of too much blood loss. I hope I answered your question.

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Q: Why is is dangerous to lose blood?
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Why do you think it would be very dangerous to lose a quart of blood in an ancient?

blood is in portent

How dangerous is it to lose 4 units of blood?

It is always dangerous to lose blood. 4 units is no different. A persons body has to maintain a certain amount of blood in order for the heart and other organs to function properly.

Why is it dangerous to lose a quart of blood?

if u lose a litre blood u can faint but a quart of blood from ur body could cause death.yes, since it would make you feel weaker

How dangerous is it to lose a liter of blood?

well if you lose a liter of blood it is very dangerous! you could die if you lost a lot. like a liter of blood ummm if you were talking about a bunch like a volcano gushing out yeah you would probably die. if you lost blood like to fill a small toy truck then you will not die.

Why would it be dangerous to lose a quart of blood in an accident?

An adult only has about 5 quarts. Lose too much blood, organs cannot get oxygen, and cannot get food. Lose about 2 quarts, you go into shock, and possibly die.

Are noise bleeds dangerous?

They are only dangerous if you lose a lot of blood from them. (Some people don't notice how much they lose, since it drips down their throat rather than out of their nose - this is when it can be slightly dangerous). If you have a nosebleed, tilt your head forward until it finishes. If you go really (deathly) pale, or vomit blood after a nose bleed, see a doctor.

Why would be dangerous to lose a quart of blood in an accident?

cause your body would not get the materials it needs like oxygen and nutrients

Why do you think it would be very dangerous to lose a quart of blood in an accident?

because pizza eat yum yum in bum

Why wont my withdrawal period go away?

You need to see your doctor, because it's dangerous to lose too much blood.

How much blood loss is dangerous?

40% of blood loss is dangerous.

What happens when you lose 1 pint of blood?

Nothing dangerous. You may become a small bit dizzy. But nothing out of the ordinary that you'll notice.

Why do people lose blood?

People lose blood by skinning their knee, blood draws, and more

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