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In ancient cultures, the umbrella represented royalty and power. African royalty for instance first used umbrellas to shield themselves from the hot rays of the sun. To open one in the shade was an insult to the Sun God. The superstition about it being bad luck to open an umbrella indoors may have originated because people saw it as an act that insulted the spirits of the household by implying their protection was inadequate.

Despite modern life, superstitions can still have a powerful affect on people and there are many who will avoid crossing people on stairs, walking under ladders breaking mirrors and many who will still carry a good luck charm.

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Some say it is but personally i do not think it is. Because I've done it before and i didn't get bad luck! :)

uuhm... i think u get like really bad luck or somethin

Well 2 days ago I put a umbrella up in the house and at school I broke my finger so it is bad luck I think it's just a tradition

Well, I open my umbrella in the house tons of times. They say it gives you bad luck, but I don't believe in that superstition. I open my umbrella whenever I please and I'm fine, and you should, too.

If your superstitious it seven years bad luck.

aparently, they say that if you drop salt then you have to take a pinch and throw it over your left shoulder, or yiou get bad luck. also, never open an umbrella indoors or you get bad luck :)

It's just a superstition, like walking under a ladder or stepping on a crack in the sidewalk. It's considered bad luck to open your umbrella indoors.

You will have bad luck if you open an umbrella indoors. Bad luck if you walk under a ladder. Brush with death if a black cat crosses in front of you in a straight line. Six or seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror.

If you walk under a ladder you get bad luck If you crack a mirror you have 7 years bad luck If you open an umbrella inside you have bad luck If you put your shoes on a table you have bad luck

Umbrellas were first used by African royalty to shield themselves from the hot rays of the sun god. To open one in the shade insulted the god. To open one indoors must have been worse, probably punishable by the god. Today, we think of it as just plain unlucky.

Superstitions are beliefs that one event causes another event somehow. For instance, some people believe it is bad luck to walk under a ladder or open an umbrella indoors.

yes it is bad luck :(

it is not bad luck it is just a legand or myth that some make up i done it before and i even got a computer for Christmas it is NOT bad luck;)

yes it is bad luck if u want it to b bad luck

only if you believe in bad luck.

it is bad luck to whistle in doors because in surten contries where there are mice and snakes

Well the old native peoples of America say that it is bad luck, but by the rest of the normal people it is said that seeing a bird indoors flying is not bad luck, like walking under a ladder, which in superstition language, (IS) bad luck.By Alban Bahja

This is a myth. However, it is believed to be bad luck because of the sun gods and the household guardian spirits. Originally umbrellas were used to protect from the sun and the sun would have taken offense causing bad luck. The household gods would also take offense if an umbrella was used feeling that they weren't protecting their people enough.

- You will have bad luck for 7 years if you break a mirror - Dont let a black cat cross your path, it will bring you bad luck - Opening an umbrella indoors will bring you bad luck - Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck - Rain on your wedding day is a good omen -Do not ride a bicycle if you're a woman because you will not be pregnant

Lucky charms, beliefs that going under a ladder or opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck, belief in talismans that ward off evil spirits, belief in the efficacy of prayer etc.

Not so much bad luck but in Slavic countries it is said to bring poverty. And in other countries pest animals like mice or snakes. Whistling on-stage is considered very bad luck indeed.

Well, here in Australia they're pretty basic.*Never open an umbrella under a roof/shelter and never walk with an open umbrella under a roof/shelter (these both include indoors as well.)*If you break a mirror you will get 7 years of bad luck*If you spill/knock over salt you will get bad luck unless you throw some salt over your left shoulder.*If a black cat crosses your path the day before Halloween (or Halloween) you will get bad luck.*If you say (for example) 'I have never broken my leg (etc.) then it is jinxing it to come true, though as in you willbreak your leg (this goes with saying anything) unless you touch and or knock on wood, that will prevent it from what you said.*Also you can jinx something by saying that it definitely will happen, it may turn out that it won't.

A few I can tihnk of off hand are the number 13, breaking a mirror, black cats, the number 4 (especially in Korea, China and Japan), opening an umbrella indoors, spilling salt, walking under ladders, crows, owls, hearing a dog howl, and it's said that if you give someone an empty purse or wallet, they'll have bad luck.

Bad luck: The evil eye, the number 13, black cats, opening an umbrella indoors, walking under a ladder are several examples of superstitious beliefs. If you look at the floor numbers in the elevators of a tall building, there is usually no 13th floor.

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