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Why is it bad to drink and drive?

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because there is a part in our brain that is called the Parietal lobe and when messed with it can damage your six senses which in driving with be seeing. instead of seeing 1 road you see 2. that's why when driving drunk, drivers intend to move side to side because they do not know what side to choose.

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What is the mood of the book Tears of a Tiger?

never drink and drive...the outcome is always bad

Is it harder to smoke amd drive or drink and drive?

it is harder to drink and drive

Why drink driving is bad?

you mau drive too fast by not knowing about it and u may not be able to control it

Who can legally drink and drive?

No one. It is illegal for anyone to drink and drive

How much can you drink and still drive?

How much can you drink and still drive?

How old do you have to be to drink and drive?

It is illegal to drink and drive at any age.

Is liquor bad for Asthma?

yes of course. don't drink and drive. yes of course. don't drink and drive.

Can you drink alcohol if you have leukemia?

one drink a day won't be bad one drink a day won't be bad one drink a day won't be bad

What are top slogans for anti-drinking?

Drink or drive, not drink and drive.If you know how much you can drink and still drive - you are wrong.

How many teens drink and drive?

i think that 1 in 3 teens drink and drive

Why you should not drink and drive?

Drinking and driving is bad because you can lose sight of the focus and the buzz that zaps to you can be hazarderous in many ways.

What are the causes of drinking and driveing?

Stupidity. there is no cause. People think that it is okay to drink and drive.. Well they think they didn't have alot to drink but, then they get in a car and drive. There is no cause. Its just a bad reaction! alot of people do it. My therory is if u are going to drink don't drive. Walk to the bar or take a cab. Or call a friend or have a DD. Designated driver. That is the safest way to go about it.

Why shouldnt you drink and drive?

If people drink too much and then drive they increase the risk of a traffic accident.

How many teenagers drink drive a year?

I will say over 200 teenager drink and drive when they were young

How many people drink and drive in the US?

over 100000 people in the USA and Canada drink and drive

Don't drink and drive?

Of COURSE you should NEVER drink and drive (unless you wish to commit suicide).

When do people drink and drive?

After they drink, and stop thinking clearly.

How many teenagers drink drive?

half of teenagers that drink

Is it legal to drink and drive?


How do you make this question are there any reasons to drink and drive into a statement?

There are reasons to drink and drive, although I ( you ) don't know what they are.

Can one drink with a DWI pending?

U can drink, u can't drink and drive.

Is coffee bad for you to drink everyday?

No but i you drink to much it can be!

What does don't drink and drive mean?

Simply put: DON`T DRINK ALCOHOL BEFORE YOU DRIVE.It is dangerous and puts not only the driver`s life at risk, but everyone around them.drink+drive=DIE

Drinking and driving slogans?

arrive alive, dont drink and drive. or stay alive, dont drink and drive. or , drive hammered , get slammered. hope this helped :)

Don't drink and drive poem?

The poem can be found here: