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it is bad because all those emotions start coming out in other ways

2006-07-15 06:03:39
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Q: Why is it bad to hold in emotions if you feel normal a few hours later?
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Can depakote make you stop feeling emotions?

Impossible. It can make it possible for a bipolar to finally feel "normal" emotions instead of uncontrollable extremes.

Why is stage fright considered normal?

it is because we have emotions that we feel it, and it's a physiological response to a "stressful" situation.

What happens to you when you stay awake 24 hours?

You will feel...... angry, tired, sad, Etc.... so you will feel all kinds of emotions. Hope this helped

What is it called if I can feel peoples emotions?

It is Called Empathy, the ability to feel another's emotions and respond to them.

When can you start to feel your face after your teeth get pulled?

i think i started to feel it 3 to 5 hours later

Is arousing emotions the same as expressing emotions?

Arousing emotions is trying to make people feel. Expressing emotions is showing emotions.

What are Jasper's special powers?

he can feel the emotions that people have and he can control emotions

What does it mean when you feel sick and very emotional?

Well i think if you are a girl may be you are getting close to your period , even before after or during this time. some times i feel this way too , it is normal.. but, on the other hand either if you are boy or girl perhaps you just want to let some emotions . When you feel happy, sad, angry, these emotions talk to your soul and your soul talks to your body and this is how you react. it is ok and normal to feel this way some times.=)

Is there a name for the phobia of feeling emotions?

Yes. "Life". It is normal for people to come up with an endless variety of mechanisms to avoid feeling emotions. Repression is the inevitable result. By focusing on anything else you can temporarily make emotions disappear from awareness. This is very common. A willingness to feel emotions, which is not the same as an attempt to adjust how you feel, is the opposite of repression and can feel quite disturbing temporarily. However this willingness is a purposeful shift from repression to awareness that eases the anxiety that occurs from repressing.

What is linked to your emotions?

Our actions are linked to our emotions. What we feel is what we express in our daily life.

What can a machine not do?

Love and feel emotions

Can babies feel other peoples emotions?

Yes, even babies can feel other's emotions. They can be sad if they see other sad people.

What does it feel like before you cry?

You feel an avalanche of mixed emotions.

Does Shadow the Hedgehog feel pain?

Yes he can also feel emotions.

What emotions can gorillas feel?

the same as us, although they do not feel empathy

Do psychopaths feel any emotions?


What is it called when you can feel the emotions of others?


How does it feel to not have emotions?

Empty. No emotions determines not to be able to understand the others that surrounds you as you can simply just name their emotions easily without feeling a thing. You're mainly like an empty shell so you do not-or rarely think much. Watch a very depressing movie, and you don't even shed a tear like everyone else in the room, because it's simply normal to you. See someone die right in front of you, and you don't even freak out nor flinch at the bloody sight. Having no emotions causes others to feel slightly-or very nervous, worried, or so on, because they've sooner or later gain the knowledge that you contain no emotions. Knowing that, you will not hesitate to do anything once it has started.

Can you feel the baby move at 8 weeks pregnant?

No, most women feel the baby at 16 weeks. For the first pregnancy, 20 weeks or later is normal

Do pandas have feelings?

Feelings as in emotions? Not to the same extent we do. They are animals. Only humans have the capabilities necessary to feel the emotions that you and I feel. However, they are capable of some feelings.

What is positive ways to express emotions?

You can talk to the person about whom you feel. Emotions can be best expressed by talking.

Am 3weeks pregnant took the misoprostal pill yesterday had very painful cramps but 6 hours later was at ease when the blood started coming out lasted for a day and then stopped is that normal?

Always check in with your doctor if you feel uncertain about anything.

Is it normal to feel discomfort 48hrs after having wisdom extractions?

It's very normal, in fact some people reach their peak of pain after 48 hours.

What emotions can a newborn feel?

happyness sadness and scared

Will your dog feel depressed when you are?

It can be possible as dogs can feel human's emotions and that could affect them.