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Why is it better to live in Norway than the US?

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βˆ™ 2009-12-07 17:10:11

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there is no terror.. Answer
The girls are hotter Answer
We have
  • free healthcare!
  • Free hospital choice
  • Smoking is banned in all places that serve food or drinks for consumption, such as restaurants, cafés, discos, bars and pubs. The main purpose of the legislation is to protect employees, as well as guests, from passive smoking.

Less people that are weird
2009-12-07 17:10:11
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Q: Why is it better to live in Norway than the US?
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Is Norway better than the US in standard living?

Yes, Norway is the second best country in the world next to Iceland according to the World Health Organization

Which is better to live in Canada or US?

Canada is the best country in the world. (I might have a slight bias about that, however.) Canada is decent, but it's NOT the best country in the world. It's certainly not better than US nor is it worse. England, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and a few other countries are better than Canada.

Is it better to live in Europe than the US?

It depends on your preferences

What US state is as big as Norway?

Norway slightly larger than New Mexico

What state in the US is similar in size of Norway?

I think Montana is a little bit smaller than Norway.

Is US bigger than Norway by both by population and by land area?

yes usa is bigger than norway by both by population and by land area

Essays on it is better to have brains than beauty?

This is better to have brains because beauty doesn`t live with us till we die but brains..........

Which is richer Norway or US?


Who is the Ambassador to the US for Norway?

Kare Aas is the Ambassador to the US for Norway.

Is Norway expensive?

It's quiet expensive for tourists, but for us who lives here, it's normal. Sweden is a cheaper country than Norway.

Is it better to die for the US than live for yourself?

After my opinion it is only your choice. Any suggestions from other people.

Why did Norway come to the US?

Norway is still situated in Europe and has not arrived in the US.

Is a girl better than boy?

no boys are actually better because they have more body strength than us are smarter than us

When is the Darren shan movie coming out?

That depends on where u live. 26 of February in Norway, its out in the US already :)

Does the US have a better quality of life than china?

US because we don't make our own stuff the Chinese basically live to serve us...almost like slavery =[

What country has better technology then the us?

The country that has better technology than the US is Japan.

Is by helping those in need make us live in a better community?

i think if we help people than we can know we can trust each other. it would make us feel better about ourselves if we do help someone .

What is the time zone difference between the US and Norway?

us is behind the time UCT then the Norway

Why does a desert fox have better hearing than us?

they have bigger eardrums than us

How much can you expect to spend on a days worth of food in Norway?

The cost of living in Norway is 48.79% higher than in the US. A McMeal at McDonalds costs 100 kr.

How does gold help us live better?

it cant

Is India better than the US?

Yes,India is better than Us no way India is so not better than the Us we are still ahead in technology and india can't even make their own weapons they have to buy it from other countries

Is Norway bigger or smaller than the US?

much smaller look up how big is norway compared to the U.S. and click the first link on google it will show a map of norway inside the U.S. stretching from Maine to Florida

Is Canada a better place to live than the US?

it all depends on who you are. i like living in Canada better because it is more of a Mosaic/pluralistic society than the states. it's also colder here so i like that to!

Is Norway southeastern of the us?

No, no, no! You have to turn around! Norway is in the north of Europe!