Why is it difficult to learn French?

French may be difficult to learn because of certain challengingsounds, such as the 'r' and the 'u'. It may be difficult to learn because of the grammar. It's a precise language that has definite rules to be respected, and broken conversationally. It may be difficult because of the structure of the syllable. The English language tends to end syllables in a consonant. French tends to do so with vowels. Following English syllable rules can change the sound and meaning of words in French. It may be difficult to learn because of vocabulary. A word such as 'librairie' is a 'false friend', because it means 'book store' not 'library'.

Frech is not that hard it's pretty simple ive takin french for 2weeks and learned a buck load it's very easy and the vowels are not that hard to pronouce but i will say french will become hard once it's time to learn about past tense and verbs, stuff like that is complicated, that happens in french IV im in french I

Add : Being a french-speaking person myself, I understand that the fact that objects have a genra, meaning that they're either masculine or feminine, is pretty hard to assimilate.