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Q: Why is it difficult to out of park on a 98 Camaro automatic transmission?
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Where is the park reverse switch for a 1995 Camaro?

If you meant the neutral start switch, it is located on the upper part of the automatic transmission. Not sure if that's what you wanted though.

Why is the automatic Toyota stuck in park?

The automatic Toyota may be stuck in park because of transmission problems. The transmission may be jammed or stuck in that gear.

1991 camaro RS won't start fuel OK no spark what are common causes?

check the battery and connections. make sure the automatic transmission is in the park position. could be the starter is faulty

How many gears does an automatic transmission have?

automatic ushel has park,reves,nutral,drive,1st,2nd,and 3rd

Should transmission fluid level always be checked with the parking brake set and the transmission in drive?

No.Most automatic transmission are checked in either park of neutral.Check the dipstick or the owners manual for more info.No.Most automatic transmission are checked in either park of neutral.Check the dipstick or the owners manual for more info.

What causes a VW Golf to lock the transmission into park?

If the car is automatic you must have the footbrake applied to shift from park.

Why Automatic transmission Gearshift stuck in park?

park safety switch on the back of the brake pedal is bad or disconnected

What is the problem when the automatic transmission in a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire will not move out of park?

parking pawl

Vehicles with automatic transmission will not start unless the gearshift is in what position?

Neutral (N) or Park (P).

What is the proper way to check the transmission oil level in a subaru outback automatic?

Transmission hot, car on a level spot, selector in park.

Where is the park neutral switch on a F-150 ford pickup?

If it's an automatic transmission, it is attached to the transmission where the shift linkage is attached.

Can a BMW 5 series roll while in park?

No, No car equipped with an automatic transmission should, unless the linkage is out of adjustment and it is not going into park.

No reverse automatic transmission 2002 kia rioShifter wont go into park and there is no reverse. Transmission howls but drives good?

If the automatic transmission on a 2002 Kia Rio won't go into park and there is no reverse, there is a problem inside the transmission with the gear bands. Each gear has a separate band and sometimes they wear out. New bands need to be put in or a new transmission needs to be installed.

What is the first thing you need to do to restart an automatic transmission vehicle if it stalls?

Put shifter in park or neutral.

How do you flat tow a jeep wrangler 4x4 automatic?

Place the transmission in Park and the transfer case in neutral.

Can a jeep wrangler 4 wheel drive automatic transmission be towed behind an rv?

Yes, transmission in park, transfer case in neutral. With the steering wheel unlocked.Yes, transmission in park, transfer case in neutral. With the steering wheel unlocked.

Jeep tj how to check trany fluid in gear or in park?

The automatic transmission fluid is checked idling in neutral.

How do check automatic transmission fluid in a 1997 Dodge Stratus?

Engine idling in park. Check level on stick.

What would cause a 1993 Honda Prelude with automatic transmission to shift hard out of park?

you have to put your foot on the break pedal, to shift out of park its a safety feature

Can a 2014 jeep wrangler 4 wheel drive with an automatic transmission be towed behind an RV?

Yes. You put the transfer case in neutral and leave the transmission in park.

What is the main function of the ignition safety switch?

To prevent the engine from being started while the transmission is any gear other than park or neutral.

Why is your automatic transmission stuck in forward gear even when you have it in park neutral or reverse?

Sounds like you have a busted linkage somewhere

Is it bad for your car to turn it off in drive with a automatic transmission?

No but, be sure it has come to a complete stop before you put it in park.

How do you check the transmission fluid in a 1988 Chrysler LeBaron?

If your car has an automatic transmission, there will be a short dipstick near the front (radiator side) of the transmission. With the transmission warmed up (go for a short drive), park on a level surface, and with the transmission in park or neutral and engine running, pull the dipstick out and check the fluid level against the markings on the dipstick.

What would cause a clunk sound on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am when shifting automatic transmission from park?

broken transmission mount there is a front left, rear left and a center mount