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Because most people have only one dominate side of the brain that they use. Such as right or left handed. If you are an experienced guitar player or piano player, you have taught yourself to be both right and left handed and doing the pat head rub tummy trick will be easy for you.

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What did blacks have to do to register to vote?

they had to rub there stomach and there head at the same time they were biting there lips

Can you have a stomach ache and headache at the same time?

sure why not

Reasons for puking and diarrhea at same time?

The stomach flu will cause people to vomit and have diarrhea at the same time. I had the poopy fluid coming out of my butt and the mushed up food coming out of my mouth at the same time when I had the stomach flu.

How was Louis Armstrong childhood?

entertaining and difficult at the same time

What makes water polo so difficult?

It IS difficult because you have to be able to swim and handle a ball at the same time

Can you take indomethacin and tramadol at same time?

I have taken both at the same time. They can both cause stomach upset so I recommend eating something with it

What is wrong if you have stomach cramps and chest pains at the same time?

Gas, most likely

How do you tease a boy but turn him on at the same time?

Poke him in his leg or stomach or tickle his neck

What other surgeries are done at the same time as a vagotomy?

Often, other gastrointestinal surgery is performed at the same time as the vagotomy. Part of the stomach may be removed, for instance. Vagotomy causes a decrease in peristalsis and a change in the emptying patterns of the stomach.

Why were the 1920s a difficult time for many farmers in the US?

Same reason the 1920s were difficult for all Americans. Alcohol was illegal. ;)

How is food digested in the stomach?

The digestive acid is squirted in the stomach which is churned at the same time to break down and absorb the newly made nutrition for the body!

Neil Armstrong early life?

his early life was entertaining but at the same time very difficult at time

Why is it difficult for Brazil to protect its rain forest and approve its economy the same time?

It is difficult for Brazil because their protect the rain forest

Can you become cross eyed from being smacked in the head at the same time as your eyes are crossed?

NO, you cannot become cross eyed if you get smacked in the head while crossing your eyes at te same time!

How long food stays in the stomach so you take a pill without irritating the stomach?

You need to take it at the same time or within 1/2 hour after.

What precautions will do for fat loss in your stomach?

Sit ups burn a lot of fat from your stomach, Dancing is also good.Me personally I like to dance and hold my stomach in at the same time for about 30 min a day.

Where do you get the pumpkin head on Poptropica?

press shift then p at same time

Why is it difficult for Brazil to protect its rain forest and improve its economy at the same time?


Who is the priminister in Indonesia?

Indonesia does not have a Prime Minister. The Indonesian President is the Head of State and Head of Government at the same time.

What is the meaning of the phrase head under water?

If you are underwater it is difficult to breathe. This is saying that this is a hard time in your life. Your head is under water. Your having trouble staying afloat.

What if you took 2 doxycycline hyclate pills at the same time?

You'll be fine. You might get an upset stomach.

Should you eat before bed?

You can eat before going to bed but its up to you. Its not something you have to do. It is probably best not to eat immediately before bed as the stomach needs time to break down the contents. You may find it difficult to get to sleep if you are on a full stomach. The same goes for fluids although a hot milky drink is supposed to help you get to sleep!

What is the time difference between Las Vegas and Brian Head Utah?

They are both in the same time zone

Can you take penicillin and Tylenol at the same time?

yes but your head willl explode

What is it when your head and nose hurts at the same time?

A noesheadache. Ha,HA ha!