Why is it easier for a baby to survive when it is born in the eighth month rather than the sixth month?

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A baby does not have well developed lungs and other vital organs to survive on its own until later in the pregnancy. it is always best to be as close to 40 weeks as possible.
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Why isn't October the eighth month?

October is the tenth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. October is the eighth month in the old Roman calendar, October retained its name (from the Latin "octo" meaning "eight") after July and August, after Julius and Augustus Caesar respectively, when the calendar was originally created by ( Full Answer )

When does the sixth month of pregnancy begin?

Answer . I'm not sure of the seriousness of your post, but the sixth month of pregnancy would occur six months following conception. Dr. B . The sixth month of pregnancy begins at week 22. Week 1 starts on the day of conception or ovulation which generally falls around day 14 of your monthly cycle ( Full Answer )

How many months until a baby is born?

It depends on what animal or if it's a human. Human babies take 9 months (about 40 weeks) to develop, though it is also normal to be born within the 8th to 9th month of gestation.

Why is October not the eighth month?

On the earliest calendar of ancient Rome, from about 752 BC toabout 713 BC, March was the first month of the calendar year; thecalendar had ten months: . Martius . Aprilus . Maius . Iunius . Quintilis (from quinque , meaning five) . Sextilis (from sex , meaning six) . September (from sept ( Full Answer )

How is a fetus developed in the sixth month?

The Sixth Month . By the end of the sixth month, the fetus is over a foot long and weights close to two pounds. The fetus becomes even more coordinated in movement such as pedaling its feet and pushing them against the uterine wall as possibly a practice to walking. It has developed quite a st ( Full Answer )

How is a fetus developed in the eighth month?

The Eighth Month . By the end of the eighth month, the fetus is about 18 to 20 inches in length and weighs about 5 to 6 pounds. It is gaining weight at a rate of about 1/2 ounce per day. The fetus now looks plump and less wrinkly as fat deposits fill out its form. Creases have formed around th ( Full Answer )

Can you have an abourtion in your eighth month of pregnancy?

No, it is illegal im afraid, you may be feeling depressed at themoment but im sure when you give birth in the next month you willbe overjoyed. there is nothing better in life than watching a childgrow up in its early stages of life. good luck. It can be possible in the UK but under very rare circums ( Full Answer )

What is the eighth lunar month?

The name of the eighth lunar month will depend on which lunarcalendar is being used as it is different in each one. For examplethe eighth lunar month in the Hindi calendar is Kartika and theeighth lunar month in the Jewish lunar calendar is Cheshvan.

Why is it that 8th month babies are in more danger than 7th month babies?

hi, i onloy found this out with my second child due to planned c section, a babies lungs are full obviously not in use while inside you, but at 8 months their lungs fill up with fluid to aid them in maturing, if a baby is born at 7 months, the lungs are clear so has better chance of breathing alone ( Full Answer )

How many minimum month to breastfeed a new born baby?

The general recommendation from most health organizations is to exclusively nurse your baby for a minimum of six months. After that, other foods may be given to your child. Those recommendations are just the minimum. To give your baby the very best, breastfeeding should continue well past the baby's ( Full Answer )

Why is the 7th month baby is capable of living than the 8th month old?

hi, i only found this out with my second child due to planned c section, a babies lungs are full obviously not in use while inside you, but at 8 months their lungs fill up with fluid to aid them in maturing, if a baby is born at 7 months, the lungs are clear so has better chance of breathing alone t ( Full Answer )

What is the sixth month of the Jewish year?

There are two answers to this depending on when you start counting. Answer 1: Starting in Nisan (as per Exodus 12:2 and Leviticus ch.23), the sixth month is Elul. Roughly coincides with September. Answer 2: Starting in Tishrei Adar; or Adar I in a Leap Year. Roughly coincides with March.

How to go about conceiving a baby girl to be born in the month ofapril?

There are many things couple can do in order to choose the gender of their future baby. The diet is one important factor. It is in fact possible to facilitate the conception of a daughter by eating an acidic diet. Also it is important to have intercourse 3 days before ovulation.The sperm carrying ( Full Answer )

Can a baby be born at 8 months?

Yes. A baby can be born at any time. As to the chances of survival it would depend on how many weeks, and how well developed the baby's lungs and vital organs are. If you are asking for reasons of trying to induce yourself that early, I would not suggest it as most babies that early spend time in th ( Full Answer )

Why do people say it takes ten months for a baby to be born?

It can take anywhere between 9 to 10 months. 9 months is equal to 36 weeks and 10 months is 40 weeks. A full-term baby is born anywhere from 37-40 weeks. A baby born before that is considered pre-term, or premature, and after that post-term.

A baby can usually survive if born in the seventh month Why does the baby need to continue developing for two more months?

At that point it's mostly lung development. The lungs have to mature to in order for the baby to breathe on it's own. Also, to gain a little more weight so he/she can start to support it's own body temperature better. It's just a "neediness" factor. They thrive best at full term, but can "survive" w ( Full Answer )

Why is a 7 months premature baby safer than 8 months premature baby?

This is not true as surfactant, which helps to keep the lungs open and prevents the tiny alveoli from sticking together, is not formed until 37 weeks gestation. The most common lung problem in a premature baby is respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), also known as hyaline membrane disease (HMD).

Is it easier to say yes rather than no?

Well, it depends on the situation. If someone is asking you for a relationship, you should say yes if you're interested, and if not, just say no. It will be easier for them to handle the truth before a relationship, than after all your history together.

What are health risks for a baby born in the seventh month?

The answer to this depends on the situation. There are certain medical conditions that make it necessary to deliver a baby early for the health of the mother. Usually this means lots of medical issues for the baby. Ultimately, it's best for both mother and child in MOST cases for the baby to go full ( Full Answer )

Can a baby survive out of the womb after 5 months pregnancy?

No they can not. At 22 weeks 9,1% live long enough to be discharged from hospital and often those babies, if they survive, have health problems all their life. Every day and week counts that early and even just 2 weeks earlier makes the difference between life and death.

Is it better to have a baby at 7 months in pregnancy than 8?

There is a difference between delivering at 7 and 8 months. It's not an old nurses tale. The difference is lung function. At 7 months the lungs are developed and have high surfactant production. At 8 months the surfactant production slows because it is not needed immediately. It is better to deliver ( Full Answer )

What will happen if the baby will born in eight months?

Most babies born during the eighth month do just fine. Some babies born four weeks early need a little help remembering to breathe, they may be under weight and have trouble regulating their body temperature or they could have trouble sucking. All these things are checked in the hours after birth an ( Full Answer )

How many babies are born per month?

According to the CIA's estimate for 2016, the worldwide birth rateis 258 babies per minute which would be an approximate average(figuring a 366-day leap year) of 11,331,360 babies born per month.

Why do babies born at full term have a better chance for survival than babies born a few months early?

Babies that are born on or relatively near their due date are "most of the time" healthier that premature babies. Premature babies are born before there due date by weeks or even months. If they are born early, they wouldn't have grown to their full capability while still in their mom's stomach. Gen ( Full Answer )

What months are baby squirrels born?

Eastern grey squirrels and fox squirrels have two litters a year. The first litter is born from February to March while the second is born from June to July

Can a baby born in eleven months?

The ideal timeframe for a baby to be born centers around the 40-week mark that is determined by when the baby is conceived. Under normal circumstances, babies can usually be safely delivered between 36 and 42 weeks (i.e. up to four weeks before their due date, and up to two weeks after). Babies have ( Full Answer )