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Because you had good memories together before things got bad. You both were once in love. No one likes to feel rejected and lose in love, but for most of us we can remember at least once in our lifetimes that one lost love. I know I can. Most of us go through a grieving period (not unlike the grieving for someone that is lost to death) because in a way your situation (and many like yours) is a source of death of a relationship. There is no length of time when it comes to grieving, but it's all up to you. You can sit there crying, listening to songs that you both listened too; hoping he comes back into your life or wondering what you did wrong and why he left. Sometimes people just fall out of love with their mate and it's nothing the mate did wrong. I hope soon that you realize just how strong you are and that there is NO ONE worth making you this sad for this long and you start circulating with your friends and then start dating again. Get mad and get going. Realize that he's not thinking of you and is out having fun, so get mad and decide that you are no longer going to sit around mourning for this guy and again, get out there and start having fun with your friends because there is that special someone out there. I look back (many moons ago) at different guys I use to think I loved with all my heart (at least 2) and realize I was young and didn't love them as much as I thought I did. If we hadn't broken up and I hadn't been stupid enough to get married to one of them like I did (ending up in divorce) I wouldn't have met and married the wonderful man I am married to now. Life has a way of twisting and turning, but thankfully most of the time things work out well even though we don't always like the path we have to take to get there.

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Is that bad that you broke up with your boyfriend 4 times in 4 months?

Depends on what you broke up over

Who is Georgie Henley boyfriend?

She had a boyfriend from Leeds in early 2013, though they broke up after only two months.

Why your boyfriend broke up with you because of a teacher?

Depending on the age of the boyfriend and the teacher it is more than likely illegal for them to have a relationship. If they are in a relationship this should be mentioned to a adult.

What to do if you want your boyfriend back but he broke up with you because he didnt want a relationship?

ask me out

I just broke up with my boyfriend of 8 months I love him but our relationship was really complicated did I make the right decision?

If you feel you made the right decision and the relationship was putting to much stress on you, then most likely you made the right decision.

Example of cause and effect relationship?

A cause and effect relationship simply mean that the effect or outcome happend due to the cause. "I told my boyfriend i thought he was mean, therefore he broke up with me" because i told my boyfriend he was mean,he broke up with me cause- I sadi he was mean effect-he broke up with me

Does Caitlin beadles have a boy friend?

No. She broke up with her boyfriend, Hayden, about 1½ months ago.

How can you stay friend with your ex boyfriend?

It is difficult if he broke up with you. It takes lots of energy to stay in that relationship

Who is in a relationship with Debby Ryan in 2014?

Debby Ryan is currently single in 2014. She broke up with her boyfriend.

What do you do if you broke up with your boyfriend and you want him back but he is already in a new relationship with somebody?

It's rather obvious ... you pick up your life and move on. You see, you broke up with him which probably hurt him real bad ... then he found happiness in a new relationship and then you changed your mind about what you did. It's time to find a new boyfriend.

What does it mean when a guy says he broke up with his girlfriend 4 months ago?

The relationship between himself and his girlfriend ended 4 months ago.

Why did Miley Cyrus break up with her boyfriend?

Miley Cyrus broke up with her 20 year old boyfriend Justin Gaston (the UNDERWEAR model) because she was about to leave for three months on business. As far as the public knows there were no problems in their relationship, just business. My prediction is she's after Nick Jonas again... :)

What is the meaning of ex boyfriend?

A boyfriend that you had but you broke up with!

If you and your boyfriend broke up some 4 months ago and now you're dating someone else but in doing so you realized you still have feelings for your ex what would you do?

You shopuld ask yourself is it fair on your current boyfriend if you are not completely committed to the relationship and still have feelings for your ex. Maybe it is too soon after your break-up to have another relationship and you still have some feelings that you need time to deal with.

Did Justin biebers parents break up?

Yes they did split. They broke the relationship off when Justin was 11 months old.

What does it mean if your ex boyfriend changes his relationship statu from in a relationship to its complicated after a day we broke up?

I believe that means he doesn't want it to be over but he doesn't know if it'll work out. (BRIANNA)

Does Justin bieber mother already has a husband or boyfriend?

well, justin's real mom pattie malette dosen't have a boyfriend, jeremy bieber and pattie broke up when justin was about 10 months

Is Hayden Panettiere have a boyfriend?

She broke up with her boyfriend in February

Who is bahja Rodriguez boyfriend?

She and her boyfriend manny broke up

You broke up with your boyfriend 2 months ago and you called him back and he didnt reject you he even remember your kisses does he still like you and he said he would call me back but he didnt?

He may have been reminising and likely misses you but 2 months has passed and if he is not returning your calls he may not be interested in you in a relationship sense but spoke with you as a friend.

Your boyfriend of 8 months just broke up with you and said he is not happy and that he needs time to find himself what does that mean after he says he still loves you?

It means he loves you,but not the way you think love means, he's telling you that you are not the one for him....He may be bored with the relationship and wants to move on.

Is Robert pattinston in a relationship?

Yes Kristen Stewart , she broke up with her boyfriend fr Robert pattinson go on imdb and type Robert pattinson

Who is dani harmer dating?

Dani Harmer was in a relationship with Foxtrot Oscar, however, the couple broke up. There is no information regarding her current boyfriend, or if she was one.

How do you find out if your ex boyfriend still likes you?

ask him or ask him why you guys broke up or try and start the relationship back up (if you wnt to be back with him)

Why do you think about an ex boyfriend everyday even though you broke up with him several times during the relationship?

because even though you guys broke up you broke up for all the wrong reasons which is why you think about him all the time because you still have feelings for him.

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