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Mk1 Mr2's do not have Power Steering. PS isn't really necessary in Mr2's because there is no weight in the front end (try turning the wheels of any front engine non-ps vehicle and you'll realize that your Mr2's a hundred times easier). Also, manual steering allows for slightly better road feel, it would be a pain in the ass to route PS from the rear to the front, and with only 113hp PS would take too much power from the motor.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-06 16:15:12
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Q: Why is it hard to turn the steering wheel of the Toyota MR2 89?
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What is causing the steering of a 1996 toyota camry to go stiff when turning?

The steering wheel in your 1996 may be hard to turn because you are low on power steering fluid. You can add some on your own and your steering wheel will not be hard to turn.

Ford Expedition 2003 steering wheel hard to turn?

2003 ford expodition steering wheel is hard to turn.

Why steeling wheel is hard to turn?

A steering wheel may be hard to turn because the power steering fluid might be low. It also could be that there is problem with the power steering pump.

Why is it hard to turn a steering wheel when it's cold?

The power steering fluid is thicker when cold therefore it is harder to turn the wheel.

How do you unlock a Toyota Corolla steering wheel?

turn it to the left quickly and release

Why is steering wheel is hard to turn?

it all depends wether u have power steering or not

How do you know when your power steering pump goes?

extremely hard to turn the steering wheel

What does it mean if the power steering went out on a car?

The steering wheel will be really hard to turn.

How do you unlock the steering wheel on Ford Taurus?

your wheels are more than likely turned hard in one diretion turn your steering wheel hard in the diretion of the wheels and turn key

Can not turn on Toyota Sienna when the key was inserted?

Try jiggling the steering wheel while turning the key. Sometimes if the steering wheel is in a bit of a bind, the key won't turn.

What can happen if power steering fluid is dirty?

Power steering fluid helps your steering wheel turn easily. If you have dirty power steering fluid, it may be hard to turn your steering wheel while driving.

Why is it hard to turn the steering wheel in my 1993 Toyota Camry v6 xle?

Check the fluid level in the Power Steering reservoir. If it is full then you may have a pump failing or a problem with the rack & pinion steering system.

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