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When a surge guard positioned on the floor it becomes a liability, and a safety hazard. A person can trip on itÊorÊcan become stuck in or on it.Ê

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Why it is ill advised Information Technology to have a surge guard positioned on the floor?

thanks its really help me If it's off the floor, those things are less likely to happen.

How do you defeat Lancelot returns in Sonic and the Black Knight?

use perfekt guard to fil your sold surge then use it

What is difference between surge absorber and surge arrester?

Surge arrester diverts the surge to earth but the surge absorber absorbs the surge energy

Is surge a verb or an adjective?

Surge is a noun (a surge) and a verb (to surge). It is not an adjective.

How many surge commands in kingdom Birth by Sleep?

There are five: Payback Surge, Thunder Surge, Fire Surge, Barrier Surge, Vitality Surge.

What part of speech is surge?

Surge is a noun (a surge of anger) and a verb (to surge forward).

What hurricane has a storm surge of 9-12 feet?

Category three is what has been officially said. However, more recently storm surge has been excluded as a hurricane's intensity is not the only thing that affects the storm surge. The shape and slope of a coastline and sea floor as well as the size of the storm can greatly affect storm surge. For example, Hurricane Katrina, a category 3 storm at landfall, produced a 28 foot storm surge, which was well into what was considered the category 5 range.

How can you use the word surge in a sentence?

Beware the surge! I was uprepared for the crowd's forward surge.

How do you spell surge and what does it mean?

Surge. like a surge of water passing over your head...

What nicknames does Surge go by?

Surge goes by Surge Valdez, and Sergio Sebastian Valdez.

Can you not have a lh surge but have an estrogen surge?


How do you get on the show of Brain Surge?

hi brain surge people i want to go on brain surge

Why do you need a surge protector?

Surge protectors and power strips are slightly different. The use of a surge protector is for protecting against surge strikes, etc.

What is the surge?

moving hydraulic jump is called as surge

How do you make surge?

You cant a surge is a natural thing.

What is the present tense form to surge?

I/you/we/they surge. He/she/it surges.

What is the present tense of the word surge?

'Surge' is the present tense. 'There is a power surge!' Past tense 'Surged'. 'The power surged and caused a black-out.' future tense 'will surge.'

What part of speech is storm surge?

"Storm surge" is a noun.

Is surge 2 syllables or 1?

surge has 1 syllable

When was Mississippi Surge created?

Mississippi Surge was created in 2009.

How could you use surge in a sentence?

I would not go surfing today. There is a storm surge coming. I noticed a surge in the electricity before the light burned out. After drinking coffee, I had a surge of energy.

Why should you not plug a surge protector into an extension cord?

The surge protector might not work properly because it works from its direct source, and if it is connected to an extended source, the extension cord, the surge will get too big for the surge protector to stop the surge immediately, but the extension cord allows it to travel and cause a bigger surge.

Why does the surge protectors circuit breaker trip if a surge or overload is detected?

That is what the device is designed to do. The surge protector's circuit breaker will trip if a surge or overload is detected to protect the given equipment in question.

How do you find centrifugal compressor is in surge?

Normaly, every centrifugal type comprssors provided with an antisurge valve or surge control valve. when compressor handelled with surge, the proveded surge control valve will become open automatically and the cycle will repeated till the comprssor is in surge.

What is a strom surge?

i think a strom surge is a mean water cycle

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