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Why is it illegal for a person who is under 18 to have a relationship with a person who is over 18?

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2006-08-27 12:09:07

State laws determine what is illegal and what is not when it

pertains to a relationship between an adult (usually anyone over

18) and a minor (any person under 18.) Consensual sexual

relationships between minors and adults are determined by the age

of consent laws for the state in which the act occurs. All states

have other existing laws that relate to such a relationship for

which an adult can be charged and prosecuted if the situation

warrants. Some charges possible are, sexual misconduct,

contributing to the delinquency of a minor, corrupting the morals

of a minor, contributing to the truancy of a minor, etc. And in

some instances the serious felony charge of statutory rape. The

purpose behind such laws is to insure the safety of minor persons

from being exploited by those persons who are considered legal

adults. If such laws did not exist it would be much more difficult

for authorities to charge and prosecute persons who harm children

regardless of the circumstances.

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