Why is it important for DNA molecule to replicate itself?


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DNA must replicate itself before mitotic cell division so that the two new daughter cells have the same amount of DNA, and identical DNA.

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A characteristic of a DNA molecule that is not characteristic of a protein molecule is that the DNA molecule can replicate itself.

plasmid - is a DNA molecule that is separate from,and can replicate independently of,the chromosomal DNA.

During the S - [Synthesis] phase of Interphase.

An RNA primer will attach to the unzipped DNA molecule signaling the beginning of transcription and transcription will occur until the DNA molecule is completely copied (the end is when there is no more DNA molecule to replicate).

It is important for The creation of new cells.

There are a number of ways the DNA molecule could be described as replicated. Some say that DNA molecules replicate like rabbits.

No conjugation is just the formation of conjucation tube for the transfer of replicating DNA molecule

A DNA molecule seldom replicates incorrectly because of its corrective mechanisms. One mechanism is that the DNA polymerase III checks the work as it creates the DNA.

The original plasmid defined as a DNA molecule that can carry foreign DNA into a host cell and replicate there.

Enzymes unwind the DNA molecule into two strands.

Every guanine has to pair with cytosine and every adenine has to pair with a thymine. If this wasn't a rule then DNA can't replicate itself and mutations would occur.

DNA is the genetic material.So they can self replicate.

In the S-phase of Interphase ("S" meaning synthesis).

By Calling Some Enzymes To Make Her Be Another One

Cells do not replicate "In DNA". Cells replicate their DNA during the process of cell division.

To replicate means to copy. So DNA replication means to make a copy of itself.

Of course it is. It can replicate itselfThey have their own DNA. DNA is circular like in bacteria

DNA is often called the blue print of an individual's life. It has the make-up of what every trait and characteristic inside and outside of the body will be. It is important for DNA to replicate itself in order to reproduce. Everyone has genes that were passed down from their parents. Each parent gives exactly one copy of their genes to each child they have. Every new cell needs a copy of DNA, so it is the DNA's job to replicate itself and pass on a copy to an organism.

DNA replication begins when the two sides of the DNA molecule unwind and seperate, like a zipper unzipping.

A strand of DNA can be "unzipped" on its own or by human intervention to replicate. This process does not harm the DNA and provides a carbon copy of itself.

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is an important component in all organisms. Three of its functions are: to carry the genetic and hereditary material, to replicate itself to produce new cells, and for protein synthesis.

They replicate their DNA during interphase.

replication forks separate and replicate DNA

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