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Q: Why is it important for children to learn healthful food choices attitudes and behaviors?
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Why is it important how adults behave in front of children?

Adults' behavior in front of children is important because children learn by observing and imitating their caregivers. Adults who demonstrate positive behaviors such as respect, kindness, and empathy can inspire children to develop these qualities. On the other hand, negative behaviors such as aggression or disrespect can have a detrimental impact on the emotional, social, and cognitive development of children. Therefore, adults' behavior serves as a model for children and can significantly shape their values, attitudes, and overall well-being.

What role of education in education?

Education is an important part for everyone Education should be a means to empower children and adults alike to become active participants in the transformation of their societies.Education helps individuals to learn values, attitudes and behaviors which enable them to learn and live together

Who teaches children how to bully?

The idea that it is OK to bully eventually leads back to the teachings, attitudes and behaviors of parents or other adult influences. Learing how to bully can come from peers.

Why was the doll study important A. It showed that segregation was not harmful. B. It showed that segregation was not important. C. It showed that racist attitudes did not apply to children. D. It sho?

It showed the racist attitudes did emotional damage AP3X ;)

How can political attitudes can first be measured?

young children

Why shouldn't we remain children?

to improve his attitudes and values.

Political attitudes can first be measured?

in young children

What are learned behaviors of pig?

to eat small, helpless children

Children first learn attitudes about concepts such as authority and property from who?


What are some Learned behaviors of pigs?

to eat small, helpless children

What has the author Mamello Moleli written?

Mamello Moleli has written: 'Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of some Basotho mothers concerning diarrhoea and immunization' -- subject(s): Attitudes, Children, Diarrhea in children, Diseases, Immunization of children, Sotho (African people)

What is the difference between jungle children and city children?

The difference between jungle Children And City children are that Jungle children are olive skinned and deeply colored eyes and wild attitudes and have NO manners!!!! And that City Children are any color and have bright intelligent eyes and have kind attitudes and are mostly spoiled with clothing stores. and that's the difference between City Children and Jungle Children.