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Because sustainibility of an ecosystem largely depends on genetic variability.

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How important is air?

air is very important for animals and plants and humans for breathing in humans and animals and for photosynthesis in plants .

Why are green plants important to plants and animals?

Green plants are important to animals (and humans) because they release a gas called carbon dioxide which is what animals & humans need to breathe.

Why are bees important to plants and animals?

They pollinate the plants and make honey for animals and humans.

Why are plants important to people and animals?

It is important because first of all it bring food for animals and humans. And it helps provide air for humans.

What are examples of biotic factors in tropical dry forests?

Animals and plants in tropical dry forests. Animals and plants in tropical dry forests.

Is photosynthesis is only vital to humans?

Photosynthesis is important to plants, animals, and humans! So no. It's most vital to plants.

How photosynthesis important for humans?

It is important because plants or plankton make food for themselves, humans or other animals eat those plantss, then humans usually eat the animals

Tropical rain forests are an important source of what?

Tropical rain forests are an important source of water to the land and animals that live in there. If the rain forest didn't rain anymore then all the plants and animals die. :(

What are the forests like?

forests have a lot of trees plants and animals.

How does deforestation affect plants?

Deforestation affects plants, animals, and humans. Deforestation makes it more difficult for other animals to live, and also makes it difficult for plants that are supposed to grow in forests to thrive.

Why are plants so important to humans?

Why are plants so important to humans? Plants are important to humans because it gives oxygen for humans to breath.

What factors limit where plants and animals can live?

the factors limit where plants and animals can live is that a forests

How important is the food making process in plants?

The food making process is very important in plants. If plants don't make food then they will die. Animals and humans both eat plants.

How do plants help humans and animals?

Plants help humans and animals in the way that they provide the oxygen we breath.

What plants and animals live in forests?

The animals and plants are Birds,Bears,Fish,Grass,Kelp and Worms.

What do plants do for animals?

Plants supply food and oxygen for animals and humans.

How are the tropical rain forests beneficial?

Tropical rain forests are beneficial because we can get exotic plants and animals, and we can get wood. The more common answer is to get exotic plants and animals, though.

Why are tropical rainforests important?

because they give humans ,animals and plants oxygen so we can live and so the crops and plants don't die out and if every one keeps destroying the rain forests buy cutting down trees then in increases our chance of living

Why do you consider soil to be important?

with out soil, plants wouldn't grow, and humans and animals would starve

What is the importance of animals for plants and humans?

The importance is very great. because if their was no plants, then animals would die, If their aren`t no animals, humans have no meat and with no plants humans will go weak. Humans will then start killing each other 4 food as without plants or animals no food can be made.

What are differences between plants and humans?

Plants are autotroph and humans and animals are heterotroph.

What kind of omnivorous animals eat plants and animals?

Humans Are omnivores that eat plants and animals.

Why are animals called 'treasure of forests'?

Because they decompose and it will give good fertility to plants.As in forests, the living beings are animals , plants , insects , birds.....they are helpful for plants by giving carbon dioxide to the plants.

Who grows plants?

humans, animals, plants itself

How are plants and animals dependent on forests?

Plants make up the forest. Without plants there would be no forest. Animals use the plants in the forest for food and shelter.

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