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All the world except for the United States uses the metric system, so if you plan to travel anywhere, you need to know the metric system. Also, all scientists use the metric system because it is much easier to work with.

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Why is it important that you understand and are able to use the metric system?

It is because the majority of the people in the world understand and use it.

Why is the metric system important to scientist?

Because all of the other scientists in the world are using it. If he doesn't understand the metric system, he won't be able to understand their work, and if he publishes his own work in any other system, the others will all laugh at him and his work won't be taken seriously.

Why is it important that people should be able to understand the metric system?

Because virtually everyone uses it. The recalcitrant countries are USA, Liberia, Burma and some Caribbean Islands. Even in these countries, most scientists use the metric system. Finally, the metric system is so simple that even a child of 5 can master it whereas the conventional system requires fluency in multiplication by 2, 3, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16 and possible others.

Why is it important to use metric units?

# It's just plain simpler to use a system based on the number 10. # The metric system is part of the International Standards system. It's used in science, as to be able to standardize calculations. # Apart from the USA, the whole world has implemented the metric system for international trade purposes.

Why do doctors use the metric system?

doctors use the metric system so that they are able to compair notes, studies and presrcriptions.

Why is it important to understand the skin?

is important to understand skin because it means you will have a better knowledge of it and you might be able to tell when its sick .

Why is the metric system important to science?

the metric system is important to science because without it scientists would not be able to accurately measure units+++Not so. You can measure anything accurately in any system of units you like provided the measuring-instruments themselves are accurate to that system.Science now uses the SI scales which are a derived version of the metric system, is mathematically coherent (though not always very practical for everyday use) and vitally, is now the only internationally-recognised system for science, medicine, engineering and commerce. In fact in most countries the metric system generally is now the only legal one for trade, with a few specific exceptions in the UK.

Why isn't important to ask psychology?

before they can understand your mind, the person has to be able to understand your language

Muscular system important?

the muscular system is important because you need to be able to move

Why is vocabulary important when improving your reading skills?

The more vocabulary you understand, the better you are able to read and understand what you read.

Why is it important to be familiar with major anatomical position?

To be able to understand anatomical descriptions.

Why is knowing the mass of a liquid and a solid important in everyday life?

In everyday life it's not, but when you understand mass and how to get it, you'll be able to understand more complex ideas related to mass, and you will be able to understand people when they talk about it.

Why is beind able to estimate in meters important?

Because most of the world, and almost all scientists use the metric system of measurement. The only countries officially using the obsolete system ar the USA, Burma, Liberia and some Caribbean islands.

Give two reasons why its important to understand instructions?

There are many reasons why it is important to understand instructions. This includes understanding the proper procedure, and being able to explain the correct procedure to others.

Why wasn't the mars climate orbiter able to complete its mission?

Umm i think because when Darcy Martinez.made the metric system

Why is the musclar system important?

because you want be able to move

Why is it important to know the root of a word?

to be able to understand similar words by just recognizing their root

The most important member of your solar system?

The Sun is the most important member of our solar system with out it the earth would not be able to survive.

Why isn't the reproductive system important?

The reproductive system is important! In fact, without the reproductive system, species would not be able to reproduce and life would not exist!

When did General Motors go metric?

As an employee of GM Reliability Auditor I would say in 1908 as in the 1960's all blue prints were metric and all fasteners were Metric the only problem Plants in the USA were Standard. The General Motors Plants in the USA have never been able to understand Metric as all Technical Measurements were converted to thousands and then cut to that ?

Why were the writings of shah walliullah important?

His writings in Persian made the Islamic teaching to be avaliable to a large number of muslims who were not able to understand Arabic

What is the importance of scientists using a common SI system of measurements?

The SI unit is important to use because it is a unit of measurement that all scientists should be able to understand. This helps scientists compare measurements.

Why is education so important to the puritans?

education was important to the puritans because they felt that everyone should be able to read, understand, and live by the bible.

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